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Gunslinger Damage

Mirrormere's Avatar

09.23.2019 , 03:37 AM | #1

I'm playing a 65 Gunslinger. In pvp i have noticed other gunslingers doing 5k dps when i can only do 1.5k. My gear is all 210 rating. I just wondered if my damage is normal for my gear or if these other players are just better than i am.

Equeliber's Avatar

09.23.2019 , 05:17 AM | #2
Until you get to lvl70 and get some set bonus gear, it's hard to evaluate your DPS. 5k in midbies seems quite high but it can be possible if those are lvl65 characters with max gear from the last expansion, with augments and set bonus. You won't be able to compete with them with just bolstered stats.

The difference does seem quite big, you should be able to do better, I think. Another thing to take into account is what you are doing in the match. If you are guarding, not constantly fighting, it is normal to have lower damage. Regs are about objective play, not about number farming.

P.S. Truth be told, I don't really pay attention to DPS value in warzones, at best I take a look at total damage dealt.

Mirrormere's Avatar

09.23.2019 , 08:02 AM | #3
Hey Equeliber.

I will just have to level to 70 i think then hopefully my dps and damage will be more like it should.

ty for your reply