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New types of Sith magic for sorcerer?

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New types of Sith magic for sorcerer?

MandalorianTaino's Avatar

10.26.2019 , 12:23 PM | #1
We just got a new attack and guess what.... another lightning attack.

If you are a lightning sorcerer, this is especially stale, if you are a madness slightly less so but still pretty stale.

I am one of those masochists who mains lightning sorc, and yes I realize it is called lightning sorc but it would not hurt to have a new type of sith force attack for varieties sake. Even the attack icons look the same, I honestly cannot tell which attack is which if you ask me to match the icons with the respective attack. We only have two attack that break out of this with crushing darkness and affliction and to be honest they barely even have an animation. Thundering blast is a nice change, to all the zappy.

I'd like to see one or two attacks that are different, perhaps that blue fire attack that The Senate uses attack Ezra and Ahsoka in Rebels. Perhaps a telekinetic lightsaber like Kreia's in TSL (so my sorc can do more than just using it as a glorified light source) that counters attacks any melee attacks for a few seconds.

Post any interesting ideas for Sith magic you would like to see!

meddani's Avatar

10.26.2019 , 12:54 PM | #2
i don't mind a new lightning ability in general, i DO mind that it looks bare bones & lazy as hell....there's barely any animation at all.
edit: how about an AOE dot? something like Revivification but for dots.

olusiek's Avatar

10.29.2019 , 11:58 AM | #3
You think sorc is boring to look at? Watch or play as sage in tk spec. All they do is throw force blasts. We get 2 actuall tk abilities and the rest is force blast, force wave etc. I wouldn't be mad if they changed the animations. Maybe then I would stick to that spec for more than few minutes.

FiestaWare's Avatar

11.23.2019 , 03:04 AM | #4
Didn't Sage have a spell animation that caused the ground to crack? I feel like they removed it or something.