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Sentinel/Marauder need a Force Jump Buff

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Sentinel/Marauder need a Force Jump Buff

DarthBabbler's Avatar

09.03.2018 , 12:46 PM | #1
They have too long Cooldowns on Force Jump. The Guardian can have an Instant Refresh of Force Jump after a battle ends (also Cooldown Redcuce when taking Damage) and the Shadow "Force Jump" can reset after you killed an enemy.

Also the Double Saber Throw should create 2-3 Focus like the Saber Throw from the Guardian.

thepilk's Avatar

09.05.2018 , 06:51 PM | #2
There is a Sentinel/Marauder utility that lets you reuse Force Leap a second time within 7.5 seconds of the first leap.

Also, Twin/Dual Saber Throw does generate 2 Focus/Rage but only in Combat/Carnage spec.

AdjeYo's Avatar

09.05.2018 , 07:36 PM | #3
Yes juggs can spec into a reset for charge when they leave combat (which is a utility no one ever picks outside of doing easy solo stuff since all it does is speed up the time you spend out of combat), mara's get predation and force camouflage. Honestly when it comes to mobility marauders have it a lot better than juggs do.

If you mean in context for solo stuff then sure whatever add a cooldown reset on force charge to some utility, but in the context of group content they really don't need more mobility. (And DST can generate rage as a baseline as soon as juggs saber throw becomes an AoE).