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Backstory for YOUR main character?

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Backstory for YOUR main character?

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10.27.2019 , 08:15 PM | #11
Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular, twins separated at birth, leading different walks of life that are parallel to each other.

The Inquisitor lived a life as a slave, and happened upon her powers by accident. in her mind at the time, she thought she was just redirecting the electricity of the shock collar onto her masters, not realizing she was using Force Lightning at the time. I like to think she spends most of the main story not knowing what it means to be a Sith, or even a person, as its a struggle of survival and freedom, until she takes the seat at the Dark Council.

Meanwhile the Consular lived her life at the Jedi Enclave, where others belittled her as she was prone to some bursts of anger, which had her working even harder to maintain control and calm that Jedi have. She looked up to Syo as a father figure, and so most of the main story she portrays the exemplar image of a Jedi, but upon Syo being called First Son, her anger takes over for a time. She's hesitant to take a seat at the council, but ends up taking it shortly after Ilum.

These two clash a few times, but no matter when they clash, they were always equals to the point they canceled each other's powers out. However, when they work together, their powers magnify, and they become quite the force to be reckon with.

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10.29.2019 , 10:50 AM | #12
My Sith Inquisitor was a slave who was the bastard offspring of some random Sith Lord. The Lord couldn't have this embarrassment running around causing a ruckus, but he also found himself unwilling to slaughter the infant or abandon it. He decided he would do the next best thing: Scrocai became his slave. He was treated as well as any slave in the Empire could be expected, which is to say, as little more than a target dummy for his 'father's' angry spells. The saving 'grace,' however, was the Sith Lord's legitimate son: a warrior prodigy on his was to entering the Academy on Korriban under Overseer Tremel and Darth Baras. This blossoming warrior, Xalikos, knew the truth of his father's favored slave and decided to act in a way that would make most Sith Lord vomit in disgust. He befriended his half-brother; he would not abandon him. He slipped him food whenever he could, in addition to secret hours training in combat. Turns out, it was Xalikos who discovered his brother was force sensitive and helped to get him in to the Academy as a freed slave.

Xalikos' compassion had several lasting effects on Scrocai. First, it kept him from becoming jaded and sadistic. Most Sith who are pained tend to pass that pain on to others. Not Scrocai: throughout his rise to the Dark Council as Darth Nox, he kept his emotions from driving him to sadism. Xalikos also gave Scrocai a form of patriotic love for the Empire. Hours spent outside under the night sky discussing the lore of Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos showed Scrocai what the Empire could be; all it would take would be "strong, rational rulership." The best day of Scrocai's life was when his brother, the newly dubbed "Empire's Wrath," stood by his side as he ascended to his new position on the Dark Council.

The worst day was when he learned of his brother's fate at the hands of a mysterious pair of twin conquerors who attacked Korriban. Scrocai made sure his brother was buried with full Sith honors in the tomb of Naga Sadow before joining Darth Marr on a mission of vengeance into deep space.

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11.22.2019 , 04:13 PM | #13
Okay, this is leaning into some 'Legacy System/Family Tree' stuff, so do forgive me.

Darth Ricimer, is a Sith Sorcerer from the early days of Emperor Vitiate's reign. Loyal enough to the Emperor to not be suspected of treachery, and powerful enough not to be challenged needlessly. He mostly stayed to the rocky moon that he all but ruled, working on all sorts of dark and vile stuff to extend his own life.

Eventually, a rival did emerge. A member of the Kallig line, that actually managed to invade Ricimer's moon. But, alas, was defeated in the end. To ensure that his enemies line was utterly crushed, he ensured their future Slavery, and the rise of the future Darth Occlus, the famed Sith Assassin. This in turn led to the return of the 'Noble and Storied House of Kallig' a number of centuries later, with Occlus' daughters becoming the Emperor's Wrath and Cipher Nine respectively.

When the Chiss made their alliance with the Empire, he sought out any Force Users amongst them. This led to an exodus of a number of Chiss families to the Republic, which eventually led to the Jedi Knight Treya Vau becoming 'The Hero of Tython'. This also led to the famous Chiss Smuggler, 'Nexubait' to rise in infamy.

It was around this time that Ricimer found a young Miraluka Jedi, Sennari. He took the girl as an acolyte, and sent her back into the Jedi Order as an infiltrator, where she later became the Barsen'thor..under his direction, of course.

So that's Ricimer. The architect of pretty much all of my Legacy, and a genuinely awesome chessmastery antagonist. The Trooper and Bounty Hunter are there somewhere too.

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11.23.2019 , 07:51 PM | #14
my smuggler and my sniper are siblings, my bounty hunter is maybe a distant cousin- all Chiss

none of my other characters really know each other Free stuff, bandwagon referral link, click if you want

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11.24.2019 , 01:20 PM | #15
This is one of my "mains", I have a few {2 on each server)
One of my mains on Satele Shan is Sonak.

He and his older brother Dokoras grew up on the Chiss homeworld. While both of them were trained in the Chiss military, Dokoras didn't like the structure and left after preliminary training, and he struck out on his own, becoming a famous bounty hunter. He was the father of two twins (his wife was a force sensitive but did not divulge that information to the authorities, as it was something not encouraged in Chiss society). When Dokoras struck out on his own, he still sent money back home to care for his children, and Sonak looked out for his nieces as well. Both of them turned out to be force sensitive.
When Sonak finished preliminary training in the ascendancy and went into intelligence on that world. He was successfully infliltrated into the Empire, and started his work in the Empire's intelligence service.

One day his nieces and sister-in-law were traveling (on a civilian freighter) through Hutt space, near Nar Shaddaa. They were intercepted by a pirate ship, and their mother was killed although she put up a strong fight and was force sensitive, she had never been trained to actually use the force in combat). The two girls were taken and sold to a Hutt slaver.
The Hutt in turn sold them to two different owners. The first, an imperial officer, figured out that Chaya was force-sensitive and sent her to Korriban for a substantial bonus (plus it helped his career to have an "in" with the Sith).
The second was an elderly couple, distant cousins of house Cortess on Alderaan who were relatively kind in their treatment of Palleona, but she was still a slave.

By this time Sonak had become disillusioned of the Empire, and told his story to the Jedi. He also told them about his nieces. The niece on Alderaan he had briefly encountered during his stay there (one reason he didn't let Vector let the house be joiners to the Killiks- he wanted his niece to survive as a Chiss). He bargained with the old couple to free her (he gave them a substantial amount of credits and a droid to attend to them) and with the Jedi to take her with them to Tython for training.

See? If the Valkorians can have a soap opera, so can my characters...
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11.24.2019 , 03:33 PM | #16
Long time ago, in galaxy far away, lived Imperial Legend, Archiss Invictimus. After having defeated Emperor of Zakuul, Archiss assumed title of "Emperor and Galactic Commander". Altough he has not received universal recognition, major factions in galaxy recognize his immense power. Once member of Imperial Intelligence, now Sith Empire is no longer able to force their will on Archiss. Empress and Dark Council negotiate with him as an equal ally of Empire, and unwilling to have him as their enemy, even allowed him to retain his autonomy from Empire. Archiss has gathered loyal group of allies, many of whom are legends of their own, commonly referred to as Alliance. Many members of Invictimus, including brother of Archiss, Irachiss, are part of the alliance. However not all members of Invictimus recognize Archiss as their leader. Most notably triplets Wehirse, Arcumid and Bragorrus, Sith Lords and Dark side fanatics, have each made their own claim to Eternal Throne.
Some details about group known as Invictimus remain unclear. Even name is claimed to be anachronistic, but most experts agree that at least some members of Invcitimus legacy used that name themselves. Altough it is clear that they were different inviduals, it is unknown which of them really killed Emperor of Zakuul. It may be that none of them were even involved, and story was later made up for propaganda, eventually evolving into legend.
Details about Archiss the Invictimus's history are almost completely unknown, most likely due to his involvement in Imperial Intelligence, later becoming Sith Intelligence Commander and his disputed ascension to Eternal Throne. It is known that at some point in his life he gained enough knowldege about Force to rival many Sith or Jedi. He made multiple allies among both Sith and Jedi orders, some of whom started referring to themselves as Invictimus, like it would be a family name. It may have started as lifetime recognition of their alliance. After having gained legendary status, rival claimants to the title started to appear, like pretenders to a monarch, each claiming to be rightful Invictimus.

Records about the entire Invictimus group are as varied and inaccurate as history books written about them.

Following record has been -:-erased-:-redacted-:-

End of recording.
The Invictimus Legacy
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11.28.2019 , 07:19 AM | #17
The main charater did not born in the current galaxy. He, and many other characters are agents from another galaxy. There every system is united into a single nation, and no real conflict happened in the past hundreds of years. This lead them to a bit of overcrowding, and as a solution they seek other galaxies to fill. But before they send trillions there preparations must be made.

The goal is to infiltrate main factions, gather information, and either eliminate, or change them before the next portal opening. The Republic turned out to be compatible, and may allowed to exist as it is. The Empire however must be dealt with.

Even with their outstanding technology. Traveling between the galaxies is difficult, and it takes 10 years to open the next portal. So until then. All agents are stucked.