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Sniper Class Rotation And Help 5.0??

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Sniper Class Rotation And Help 5.0??

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01.24.2017 , 03:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by martinglom View Post
Marksmanship proficiency
Skillful: Vital Regulators, calculated Pursuit
Masterful: Stroke of genius, Evacuate
Heroic: pillbox Sniper, Hold your Ground, Debilitating Shots
Ballistic Dampers + either Vital Regulators or Calculated Pursuit.

Ballistic Dampers are a must have. You absorb 30% of any damage that can't be avoided otherwise (f.e. sticky AoEs). Shield Probe will be your main tool for the rest. Vital Regulators is another tool to recover from unforeseen damage, but it is less useful if you're forced to move regularly. In that case, I choose Calculated Pursuit instead. It allows me to keep a basic Snipe+Snipe+Followthrough combo up while moving.

Snap Shot - a common pick, but not that great in PvE. You have to keep in mind that it doesn't speed up your rotation. It simply replaces a 1.5s activation time + 0s recast delay with a 0s activation time + 1.5s recast delay.

Seek Cover + Reastablish Range.

The speed bonuses help to avoid AoEs and to get into firing range as fast as possible. Revan, Master Blaster and Operator IX are one of the most challenging bosses, because they all rely on your personal skills and not that much on in-game character mechanics. In all three cases, a higher movement speed helped a lot.

Stroke of Genius - can be useful, but I use Shield Probe for any foretellable damage.

Pillbox Sniper + Augmented Shields

See above. I don't pick Siege Bunker because I try to avoid AoEs completely rather than mitigating some part of the damage. Your healers will thank you.

Defensive Safaguards + Deployed Shields

The Ballistic Shield isn't for you. In most cases, the tanks and healers will know (it better) and tell you when to use it. You just happen to be the one who carries and activates it. But anything that makes them happy should make you happy. (you're are just another DD after all)

To recover up to 60% HP while taking less damage isn't really flavorful, but awesome. The additional 5% damage reduction most of the time is quite useful as well.

Tactical Retreat - not that useful. The rest of your team won't be amused if you roll around needlessly and you might want to delay Covered Escape anyways until it's truly worth it (avoiding AoEs).

Overprepared same reasons. Sure, it allows you to reset other defensive skills more frequently, but I tend to delay Imperial Preparation until a catastrophic event occurs. The additional 15% DR might be helpful but the average cooldown is way above the 135s... often no more than once a fight. That's why I prefer the Ballistic Shield and a semi-permanent 5% DR.

Controlled Chaos is a PvP utility. You rarely have to face more than one or two bosses at the same time and all other mobs die so quickly that it would be a shame if you waste a utility on that. But if you're one of those StarParse lovers, you can take it just to squeeze out every bit of DPS.

Quote: Originally Posted by martinglom View Post
My main rotation is
Follow Trough
Snipe x2 as i gain 2 charges
Follow Trough

Your main rotation should consist of these three parts:

Snipe + Snipe + Followthrough
Ambush + Followthrough
Penetrating Blasts + Followthrough

I know, it might seem like a simple rotation, but believe me - it isn't trivial to master.

Followthrough it resetted the millisecond Ambush & Penetrating Blasts ends, so you can't simply enqueue it. If you want to achieve a decent DPS, minimizing the delay of a Followthrough as much as possible (without interrupting Pen. Blasts prematurely) is essential. And this is just the beginning!

You also have to add Corrosive Dart. In this regard, you can choose between the 'easy' mode (at the end of every other rotation) or the 'effective' mode (place it in between as soon as the DoT runs off). Sounds easy, but there's Sniper Vollley to take care of... It's the same thing though: You can either choose to delay Sniper Volley until you've finished activating Penetrating Blasts or use it as soon it comes off cooldown.

For simplicity reasons, I stick to the 'easy' variants in either case. I want to keep my focus on the actual events.
In other words, my rotation looks like this:

Snipe + Snipe + FT + Ambush + FT + Pen. Blasts + FT + Corrosive Dart
Snipe + Snipe + FT + Ambush + FT + Pen. Blasts + FT + Snipe
Snipe + Snipe + FT + Ambush + FT + Pen. Blasts + FT + Corrosive Dart
Snipe + Snipe + FT + Ambush + FT + Pen. Blasts + FT with Sniper Volley (mid-skill) + Pen. Blasts (+ FT)

My opener looks like this:

pre-cast Laze Target
pre-cast Orbital Strike (5s in advance)
pre-cast Ambush (2s in advance)
Corrosive Dart
Penetrating Blast
Followthough + Sniper Volley (mid-skill)
Pentrating Blast

You can pre-cast Orbital Strike 5s in advance because it won't hit instantanously as soon as you've finished activating it. Instead, it has an approx. 2s delay... enough time to precast Ambush as well. The rest is up to you, but I prefer to start with a Corrosive Dart in order to apply the debuff for everyone. A serie of Penetrating Blasts not only dishes out tons of damage, it also defines the order of all the skills to follow (due to the cooldown).

Sometimes, I add a Followthrough right after Ambush, but that's more a habit than it is due to some DPS concerns....

That's it. Hope this helps you with your Marksman Sniper!