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2v2 GSF Deathmatch Tournament

Drakkolich's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 12:21 AM | #1
Next Saturday on the 28th of March at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific, 8pm GMT) I'll be holding a 2v2 Deathmatch Tournament.

For those of you wondering why I chose this time, it's to include the widest amount of people from all the timezones I could.

All matches will be held on the Starforge server using the Custom games lobbies.

For the tournament itself it's going to be pretty simply.
- All games on Kuat Mesas Deathmatch
- Any build/ship is allowed
- Each match is first to 10 points, or whoever is ahead at the end if it times out

Obviously all the ships/builds aren't balanced for this kind of gameplay so we might see some builds be way more powerful then normal. If some things get really out of hand then maybe next time we can look at limiting certain things and make a different kind of tournament, but for this one everything is open!

The tournament type is going to depend on how many teams we have signed up.
- 2-7 Teams will be a Round Robin where every team fights each other best score wins
- 8-16 Teams will be a Double Elimination bracket tournament, which I'll randomize on the day of
- 17+ Teams will be a Single Elimination bracket tournament, which I'll randomize on the day of

Anyone can enter just let me know here on the forums, or join this Discord and let me know.
As you'll see when you join this Discord is for people that want to find others to group with in GSF. There's a text channel we've added in the "Formal Nonsense" area called #Dokidoki_2's_tourny!. Use that channel to discuss anything related to the tournament.

In case anyone was wondering I and players from my team won't be participating I'm setting this all up for everyone else! If after the tourney anyone wants to challenge us (assuming my teammates aren't busy) we'd be happy to fight anyone.

EDIT: We've had a donation of 100 Million! Credits by a fellow GSF enthusiast named Yui Motomi, I'll be dividing that up the finalists of the tournament. The exact split is still to be determined.

List of Teams signed up so far:
1: Yui Motomi and Invis (Team name: Sabo-Probe)
2: Setej and Sprigellania
3: Sylvi and Etri
4: Fawleena and Submarinenooriz (Team name: Rogue 0.5)
5: Splitter and Talon Karrde

Currently looking for a teammate:
- ForfiniteStories
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ikopo's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 06:10 AM | #2
Cool someone puts so much effort into organizing such thing. Hell yeah I'll join

catsi's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 10:47 AM | #3
no promises ill see if I can check in
Ana Tathis 70 JK, Serraphin 70 COM/VG, Naashasa 70 Sage, Calliann, 70 GS, Kae'ra 70JK, Phyera 70 Sage
Rhea-hawk 70 PT, Gaa'ra 70 Mara, Fio'on 70 AS/Sorc , Mirri'elle 70 OP, Narayssa 70 Jug

Drakkolich's Avatar

03.23.2020 , 05:40 PM | #4
We've had a donation for a prize for the tournament, I edited it into the original post!
A big thank you to him for his generosity!

To those of you looking to join all I need is the names of you and your teammate to sign you up, just let me know!

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Urglab's Avatar

03.24.2020 , 12:11 PM | #5
Sounds like it'd be fun!

Not sure if I can attend, will have to see. I also don't actually have mastered ships on SF. Have never really wanted to play much with the slightly higher ping. Recently I've been flying a bit over there on Hakzem though.

Drakkolich's Avatar

03.25.2020 , 08:50 PM | #6
Hey guys, only a few more days until the Tournament, I've had a few people suggest they were interested but were still looking for a teammate. If you're interested and really can't find a teammate please drop your name to me and I'll try to set you up with another player that's also looking for a teammate.

I'd like all the teams to be signed in by late Friday night, so I can figure out all the logistics for the Tournament Saturday morning.

I've been asked many times now and yes I'll be streaming and commentating as much of the tournament as I can while keeping it going smoothly.

Looking forward to it, Thanks!
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ForfiniteStories's Avatar

03.26.2020 , 02:46 AM | #7
I'll ...offer myself up for sacrifice.

Drakkolich's Avatar

03.27.2020 , 05:28 PM | #8
Hey everyone last night to sign up! Remember if you want to play and just don't have a partner simply let me know and I can team you up with someone.
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Drakkolich's Avatar

03.28.2020 , 11:54 AM | #9
So it looks like we have 5 teams signed up for the tournament so it's going to be a Round Robin style. I'm sorry forfinitestories I wasn't able to find you a teammate. I did have other players that couldn't find a teammate, but they weren't looking to play with just anyone.

I'll be streaming some commentary and some matches on my twitch channel. (Link in my signature)

Hope everyone has fun and good luck to each team!
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Drakkolich's Avatar

03.28.2020 , 02:00 PM | #10
Tournament Stream is live!
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