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Best Anime to Watch in 2019

AceMasterSoul's Avatar

08.11.2019 , 02:58 PM | #1
I'm looking for some new shows to watch. They don't have to be super recent, but should age well. I'm looking for a serious yet funny story lines. To give you a base these are my current top 5:

1.Attack on Titan
2.Tokyo Ghoul
4. The Rising of the Shield hero
5. Bungou stray dogs
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08.11.2019 , 03:18 PM | #2
if you are into movies rather than series, then 'Wolf Children' is great understated anime entertainment.
wikipedia / Wolf_Children

Its the story of a student who marries a shape-changer and has to raise 2 children who show signs of having the ability to shape-change.

There is also 'Your Name' which is the touching storyof 2 teenagers separated by space and time trying to save a town from disaster.

If you are into longer series, then there are so many. - but my friends and I love RWBY Which follows the development of teenagers who develop their powers in an academy for heroes, who are on a mission to save the world. It starts light and humorous with a lot of nice touches, but becomes darker by series 3 and as the kids grow and become more powerful, they realise that every villain has a bigger badder puppet-master pulling the strings. It has great music, voice acting and a huge fanbase. wikipedia /RWBY

There is also Gen:Lock Which is very high quality and superb technical animation and good VA - Which follows a small team of elite combatants who download their brains into giant Mecha to hold back a global threat - an enemy AI who can learn, nanotech that is all consuming and suprising characters popping up in unlikely places. It's a bit like Ghost in the Shell and Blade runner, and very much like Gundam and several other Mecha series.

There are also the classics. there are loads of these, but I can always re-watch Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Appleseed, and Akira. - And anything by studio Gibli of course.

Hope this helps. There are obvs loads more, but some or all of these should keep you going for a bit.

GL. I'll check out some of your choices, btw.

-Storm Cutter.
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