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Guild Window Conquest Leaders - Where are we at with it?

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Guild Window Conquest Leaders - Where are we at with it?
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michaelcshow's Avatar

03.25.2019 , 11:03 AM | #1
The current leaders and previous leaders conquest top 10 in guild window have been all zeroes since the new guild window was released. (November 2018 btw, ~5 months)

It's been reported multiple times, it's a brand new interface that never worked. Can we get an acknowledgement that it's broken at least? Are there any intentions to ever making the new interface actually work?

These aren't zero, but that's what it shows:'

Any engagement on this new interfaces complete lack of working is appreciated.

QA_Droid's Avatar

03.25.2019 , 04:04 PM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  

Thanks for posting michaelcshow! This issue should have been resolved in release 5.10.1, so I'm sorry that it still seems to be happening for your guild. A couple of questions will help us figure out what's happening:

1. If you visit the conquest page in the mission log, does the leaderboard display correctly?
2. Is this occurring for all conquests your guild has done?
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michaelcshow's Avatar

03.25.2019 , 06:32 PM | #3
1. If you visit the conquest page in the mission log, does the leaderboard display correctly?
2. Is this occurring for all conquests your guild has done?
1 -No (Previous Leaders never fill in on the Guild Window).
2 - Yes, every week.

Hopefully this video shows how it works currently for me:

1. Open the Guid Window, the Current Leaders and Previous Leaders are all zeroes.
2. Open the Mission Log Window while the Guild Window is open, switch to the Conquest tab of the Mission Log window and return to the Guild Window.
3. The Current Leaders are now populated in the Guid Window, the Previous Leaders remain zero.
4. Closing the Guild Window and reopening it make them all zeroes again until the Conquest tab on the Mission Log window work around is performed again.

I think the issue is that they both fail to fill in as shown opening the guild window.

Also, you stated that this was resolved in patch 5.10.1, but the patch notes have no mention of this fix - was the fix included in the patch and missed in the patch notes, or was it intentionally left out of the patch notes?

I'm curious what the threshold of patch note inclusion is, a bit off topic but it has me wondering now.

Finally, in all honesty the data isn't used for anything as it shows the conquest totals by character instead of by legacy so this is all rather a moot point anyway. By character rather than legacy is of no value to us anyway since so many people's points are spread among various alts. However, it should work probably since it's on screen.

Gamemaron's Avatar

03.27.2019 , 04:59 AM | #4
Iím not the OP, but I can confirm, that this bug seams to occur for all conquest on all guilds. I have chars in two guild on Tulak Hord and on none of these guilds has the conquest leaderbords ever worked since it was implemented. Not if we attacked small planets, large planets or medium ones. (Bug occurs exactly the same way as the previous post says)

EDIT: Switched the part about the guild log to the correct bug-thread I didn't see before. sry

michaelcshow's Avatar

06.20.2019 , 06:21 AM | #5
bump - the Guild Window's UI is still broken. (Since November 2018)

The "open mission log->conquest/guild invasion tab to make the guild window populate" workaround, fills in only the current leaders (last week never fills in, even doing this clunky workaround), and then also only until the guild window is closed and reopened then it's all zeroes again.

The workaround is incomplete and bad, the brand new guild window UI has yet to actually function.

xdandeman's Avatar

08.24.2019 , 09:44 PM | #6
Mine is still broken as well , would be nice to see the top ten more easily thanks

Tofu_Shark's Avatar

08.29.2019 , 09:18 AM | #7
I've seen it where you have to wait several minutes for the leader information to display, but I haven't seen it actually work in quite a while now.
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