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Consular Story - Question about story after final mission on Voss (Spoilers)

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Consular Story - Question about story after final mission on Voss (Spoilers)

-Marxman's Avatar

08.23.2015 , 12:50 PM | #1
After assisting Gaden-Ko in becoming a Mystic. He has a vision stating that (I am paraphrasing here and I do believe, I asked him for what he saw) 'there are two brothers, one is dead and I must let the Voss know'. Was this line originally included at launch, which would suggest the Fallen Empire was in the cards the whole time? Was this recently added or am I just way off?

If anyone has a video recording of option 1 that might be helpful.

Just a heads up I am still have not completed the Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior stories so if you could not drop and spoilers because of a similarity that would be appreciated.



Excise's Avatar

08.23.2015 , 01:06 PM | #2
I think I found the vision you're referring to:

From the caption it looks like he meant suns, not sons.
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