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6.0 Tank Stats

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01.02.2020 , 11:22 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by TheCKiceman View Post
Regardless, I think we need some updated graphs and hard data so we know where to put attributes. I know they changed alacrity according to some other threads. Maybe they did for tanks as well.
Alacrity and Accuracy have caps because there is a clear target. Accuracy is about getting to 110% (PvE), Alacrity is about GCD thresholds because the community discovered it doesn't actually affect the GCD as advertised, it only counts once you cross the amount needed to reduce it by a full 0.1s.

Because there are clearly defined goals, you can then use the formulas to give you clearly defined amounts. Tanks just have "take as little damage as possible", so there is no threshold for stopping a particular stat. It becomes about which stat gives you more of what you need in that slot. Defense being oversaturated means when you get to the Augment level you're getting so little of a return in comparison to Shield or Absorb that it isn't worth. Shield vs. Absorb is the same way. There is not definable threshold, it is just which gives you more in a given slot. You can do total stat efficiency, but that only tells part of the story.

Each class has their own passive buffs to Shield/Absorb (and Defense) so you will stray away from total efficiency in favor of what makes the class work better. However, in doing this the diminishing returns will be the curb of how far away from efficiency you will go. Again, there is no definable threshold. It's all about Stat vs. Stat, compared to Acc/Alac which is "get to this point then stop".
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01.03.2020 , 04:36 PM | #22
there is a link to the equations for 6.0 in the OP. here it is again:

you can make graphs but you will not find a knee in the curve really. that is why you want to look at reducing damage taken, or maximizing dps.

you can look at the sheets here, or the ones i posted for markman and lethality to get an idea how to optimize stats. for the most part, only healers and dps taking low amounts of alacrity have to worry about mastery versus. crit, and maybe for classes with a ton of casts and channels the alacrity crit trade becomes something.

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01.06.2020 , 11:12 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by TheCKiceman View Post
Isn't it true that stacking beyond say 500 absorb/shield suffers immense diminishing returns that you'd be better off stacking something else?
Seems to work fine for PvP having zero stats in Shield / Absorb / Defence and just going with DPS mods. Wouldn't try it for PvE content though...
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01.06.2020 , 09:34 PM | #24
So is Warding still bugged with sage/sorc shields? If so, would best relics be A/M then? That's what I'm gathering from the data I see.
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01.06.2020 , 11:44 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Kibaken View Post
So is Warding still bugged with sage/sorc shields? If so, would best relics be A/M then? That's what I'm gathering from the data I see.
I've been constantly checking my logs after I run ops and I haven't run into the Warding bug in a couple weeks now. So I would say it has been fixed? But I could just be getting really lucky timing with its procs.
Don't ever learn how to tank.
They won't let you do anything else once they know you are good at it.

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01.10.2020 , 08:30 PM | #26
I'm not as good at understanding the math here. Can someone break this down a bit for me? My question is simple: is there diminishing returns on endurance and defense and if so, what are the marks? Also, which of the two is most important? I recognize that Shield and absorb are superior, but I want to fine tune my tank.

My current stats are roughly:
Defense 6800
Absorb 3100
shield 3100
Endurance 14,6k

Thanks in advance!

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01.13.2020 , 01:49 PM | #27
endurance is capped in synced content
defense always has diminishing returns due to its equation being

percent defense= base+bonus+30 * ( 1 - ( 1 - ( 1 / 30 ) )^( (defense_rating/75 ) / 2.125) )

link to plot :

you get plenty of defense if you use tan mods and enhancements, so getting more endurance might be benificial if you think you have enough defense. that is why i posted infor for B mods and lethal B mods.

follow the tl/dr for uncapped content:

sin: 200 more absorb than shield
jugg: equal shield and absorb. Jugg may want to use some defense mods for high melee ranged fights if using lethal.
pt: 1000 more shield than absorb
warding+avoidance/matrix or no warding if absorb is bugged
reinforced armor looks best since the average m is 0.6 at least overall, and like 85 for dxun