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Heavy lag/connection issues

strandedspaceman's Avatar

05.22.2019 , 04:00 PM | #1
For the past 12 or so hours I've had to deal with 10,000+ ping and disconnects. Sometimes it'll "settle" at maybe 250+ ping (normal for me since I'm in Australia) but more often than not it'll drop to normal levels only to skyrocket back to 10,000+ a second or two later.
The game had been working completely fine about 5 or so hours before I attempted to log back in and started experiencing this problem. It may be an issue on my end, but considering that I'm not experiencing connection issues with other games, I'd be hard to convince on that.

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

05.22.2019 , 05:49 PM | #2
Try using ping Plotter to determine if it’s your end or not. I would appreciate it if you can post back if it’s your end or swtor because I’m also getting problems and I can’t see anything on my end.

Edit : how to get the data and watch it live.

Download Pingplotter at
Install it so you can look at the hops to the server
To find out the server IP (it changes everytime you log in now) you need start swtor and then go back to your Windows desktop.
Now run command prompt in Administrator mode
(Depending on which Windows you have, there are different ways to run it in Administrator mode, so do a quick Google search on how too for your windows version)

Type this command into the command shell after you have opened it.
Netstat -n -p tcp -b | more

(I usually have the netstat command saved in a txt file for notepad and just copy and paste it into the command prompt)

It will show you the 2 swtor connections to the server IP

It usually has an ip like this - or
But because it changes each time you login it will be different.. Ie it could be -
This is why you have to run this each time if you want to get an accurate read on the server ping.

Once you have that ip, open pingplotter. You can then enter the swtor server ip you are connected to and it will run a live trace route, showing all the connection hops along the way.
You'll be able to see live statistics and information on what is happening.