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Looking for RP partner or a small group

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Looking for RP partner or a small group

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07.28.2019 , 09:29 AM | #1

I hope this will not come out as a spam, but I created the same thread in General and on Darth Malgus & Star Forge server forums.

It's been a wile since I was playing this game. And most of my friends I used to RP with ether moved on to other games or are too busy.
So, I'm looking for a partner or partners to do some awesome RPing. I used to host and be DM on Dragon Age sessions. Created my own stories and took my friends on numerous adventures throughout the whole Thedas (Continent in Dragon Age universe).
A little about me and the type of characters I like. I've always been fascinated by magic and it's lore. So it's natural that here in swtor I'm playing Jedi/Sith class. And I was always attracted to wise characters like Shiroe from Log Horizon, Uncle Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender, Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicle Gandalf, Obi-Wan anyway, you get my point.
And by that kind of wisdom my character would have a tiny bit problem following orders and codes to the letter. In other words, I'd be RPing as more of Grey Jedi or kind of LS basicly Neutral Sith I guess.

Anyway, here's my idea on how I'd like to RP:
- In case of me getting a RP partner, we'd create a new character (preferably a force sensitive one) so they would kind of know each other while in their final stage of training. This would be our saga, meaning the story class would play part in RP sessions. Apart from social RPing we'd also have RPing quests - planetary story arcs and maybe side quests.
If our characters wouldn't be of the same class, that they would meet and that's how a saga of the duo would begin.

- My favorite experience RPing in TOR was in a group of four, we were in a first flashpoint - The Esseles - and it took us about 30min before we even started fighting, we were just passengers, having a conversation.
So, if a group gathers, that likes that kind of RP, that's what I'm aiming at.
At a group, I could - in time - also run a custom quests.

So, are there any similar minded guys/gals out there?

In case you are not a sub, I have toons on Star Forge server on Imperial side (Dennoss and Belruok) and on Darth Malgus Republic (Ky'f and Dennoo).
I'm also on BioWare Discord server and just joined swtor server (RawbarONE). Or you can just add me on Discord: RawbarONE#8244

I hope we'll find each other and have an awesome time!