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Where is She?

Freshiefromafar's Avatar

03.19.2019 , 04:46 AM | #1
"Mayday mayday this is Zakuulan starship Drudge we are under attack!"

"Where is SHE!?!" Flashes of black and pink sabers carved up a crew member leaving behind the smell of burnt flesh to linger. "Where is SHE!!" A pulse of force power crushes a skytrooper into a wall leaving white armor leaking blood imbeded into the ship. "Where!" Slash another dead crew member, "is" crushing blow blasts another "SHE!!?" Arianna plunges her lightsabers into what can only be described as a frightened boy. "Please master Jedi who are you talking about, please show MERCY" -SLASH "Mercy died on Tython you dogs," Arianna said menacingly. "Now," pointing her lightsaber at the last remaining crew member, "I'm going to ask this one last time, then I'm going to see how many body parts a Zakuulan can live without; where is Aerowyn?!"

In space, only the dead can hear you scream.