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Medical technology at the time for pregnancy

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Medical technology at the time for pregnancy

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03.03.2019 , 06:07 AM | #1
Hello everyone.
I tried looking on the internet for the information but couldn't see anything.
My character is currently pregnant and i was wondering if there is any technology in the current time period that could help speed the pregnancy along, like treatments? It would really help as i was hoping not to hav to rp her pregnant for 9 months. Hope you guys can help. Thanks.

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03.03.2019 , 01:07 PM | #2
There may be something in EU media of which I am unaware, but the only example of prenatal and postpartum medical technology that I am aware of comes from what we saw in Ep. 3. Kamino was known at the time of the Old Repubic (relics from Ossus were taken there); you could say your character went to the Kaminoans for some reason, perhaps a medical issue, and the fetus was gestated out of utero either at an average or accelerated rate.
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