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Why do you RP?

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09.10.2018 , 01:18 PM | #1
As the title states, why do you RP?
What drives you to want to RP & login to the game to RP with people??
Or join RP guilds?
How do you keep up with all your characters stories & people?
Also why would you RP more than one person?

Just wanting to know the thought process of it.
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09.11.2018 , 01:47 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by CaptRogue View Post
As the title states, why do you RP?
What drives you to want to RP & login to the game to RP with people??
Or join RP guilds?
How do you keep up with all your characters stories & people?
Also why would you RP more than one person?

Just wanting to know the thought process of it.
I RP because it allows me to play out the lives of different individuals in a universe I love and would love to live in. t's easy to think of things as somewhere in the future or something but with the Force, ancient threats, constant adventure being possible, mystery and so on being feasible, it really puts your imagination on crack when you think of what a regular human even could experience during their time span.

I love to RP with others because it lets those characters I create have some sort of outlet to interact with and in most cases, be molded by. I never establish my characters as say 'Darth of 10 years, decorated war vet, top of the class because it leaves little room for growth and almost none for excuses (why'd you get flipped and mopped across the floor by this Padawan? Bad rolls? Ha!"

I used to love RP guilds but I had a very terrible experience with my last long time one on Ebon Hawk (R.I.P) so I've mostly avoided them for a few years now but a small family of like-minded people that keep your characters busy, helps with growth and exploring how far you yourself is willing to go to commit to this character is all the joy I could wish for in an RP guild. Even better when you make good friends outside the game from it.

I used to type up my character stories in Word documents to keep up with the series of changes, update their current 'reflections' on the forums I used to use (like Enjin) or go off memory to basically treat my toon(s) as forgetful oafs like myself. Makes it more realistic in many cases anyway. Screenshots also help too.

RPing more than 1 person gives you a sense of where other people would come from with other characters. How else would you know what it feels like to be a commoner, pushed into the dirt by some 'mighty' Darth? What makes the experience feel realer than being barked at as a stubborn private in a special forces group for being ego-driven and disobeying direct orders? What about RPing a late night janitor/bartender on fleet cantina? Setting up merchant runs across 'now' secured bases like Belsavis' cantina, Pub Balmorra or Hoth? What about just being an off-duty bouncer in a Hutta cantina? All different experiences that brings it all together. So much better when you bring fellow RPers along for a semi-planned out adventure making use of many different locations.
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09.12.2018 , 11:26 AM | #3
I love the star wars universe and everything about it. RP helps the game and the world become more immersive. It ties me into my character and my characters story/place in the world. It gives me meaning behind each action I take in the game. I am more casual / light RP'er. However, I respect heavy role players because they enhance the world around me and the game. In the end this is a RPG as its core, roleplayers create a active revolving environment that we all can enjoy.
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09.12.2018 , 04:19 PM | #4
I very rarely RP ingame tbh. I find it very inconvenient to rp trough text chat personally. If I rp ingame it's usually spontaneous and with complete strangers, usually started by a random emote exchange.

I play D&D and much prefer that format to RP. Usually I just write about my characters in SW though and share those writing with fellow lore, oc and writing enthusiasts. As to "why", well I just enjoy writing and D&D.
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11.14.2018 , 09:54 PM | #5
I RP because, well..truth be told, it's something that's gotten me through a lot of boring and tough times. I've been RPing since High School and..well, I've managed to make a lot of good friends, and have a bit of fun while doing so.

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11.14.2018 , 10:13 PM | #6
I RP because I enjoy it. I got started on SWG and it was fun but I stopped for awhile and then signed up here and met a lady that encouraged me to try it again so I got back into the RP but it was forum RP, something new for me, but I enjoyed it as I used to try to write short stories when I was in school so this helped me rediscovered my love for writing and rp with friends made it that much better.
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01.07.2019 , 06:38 AM | #7
I DID RP because I loved participating to the life of a community and that was what motivated me to play more than PVE and PVP back in the days, from Dark Age of Camelot to SWG. I believe that SWG was the last game where I RPed.

I stopped RPing online because most of the time these things run in circle, a lot of people are not really creative about their BG... or too creative sometimes and it is not coherent. And I think that I have been disappointed by most of my latest expériences. Some have been terribly boring, some did not make sense, some were like playing against each other, some were trying to bring me to paths I do not want to tread (crappy improbable relationships and what comes with it).

So I stopped and keep RP for tabletop games and LARP and prefer writing stories on my own instead.

Sorry guys, not against any of you or the community and not even meant as a "it was better before". I guess that I made the wrong experiences lately or that I have become too old for that... or seen too much already.
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