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Academy of the Adumbrate RP/Imperial/Starforge

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Academy of the Adumbrate RP/Imperial/Starforge

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02.09.2018 , 08:13 PM | #1
Mission Statement

The Empire is fragmented. Our objective is to once again see it whole.
We are not content to see empires within the Empire, which will ultimately
rip it apart. We will bring strength and dominance back to the Sith Empire
and never again allow any part of our Empire to be subjugated.

This marks the day when the Adumbrate, with its vast powerbase of many allies and holdings, is reborn anew in the focus of an Academy devoted to the Sith Empire. Join us as we rise from the ashes of a once grand society to bring together Sith dispersed by recent events, re-educate those Sith who have fallen on the wrong path or under heretical teachings, and bring strength and power to the Empire once again. We strive to see Sith loyal to the Empire, steeped in passions, and knowledgeable in the absolute meaning of the Code.

The Academy is not for those of weak constitution nor for those who are unprepared to be challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your resolve will be challenged. Your strength will be tested. Those of willing body and mind, seek the Academy of the Adumbrate.

Your command over the Force and reign over your passions shall set you on the path to becoming Sith.
But it is the Academy that will carve you into an instrument for the glory of the Sith Empire.

We are currently seeking:

Sith Apprentices: 4
Sith Lords: 1
Mandolorians: 2
Imperial Soldiers/Officers: 2

Contact us to inquire of our current projects and openings, or with any other inquiries.


Are you looking for an authentic Sith Apprenticeship experience? A place full of intrigue for your Sith Lord or Darth? Challenges for your Imperial Soldier or adventures for your Mandolorian? Look no further!

The Academy of the Adumbrate is a New, Mature 21+ Heavy RP Guild focused on regular Character Evolution & Development and inclusive long & short-term Guild Plotlines. The core members of the guild have been rp'ing together through many games over the past 6 years. We're laid back and love to rp! We're inspired by awesome ideas and eager to help develop stories for the individual, group, and guild.

To Apply: Read and complete the OOC Application at

In-Game IC Contacts: Sorevirian & A'pep

Every member is selected on a case-by-case basis and invited through RP.

We can’t wait to meet you and your character!

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10.17.2018 , 01:38 PM | #2
The Academy of the Adumbrate, an Empire Guild


OOC Info - What We Offer

  • An authentic and well-structured Sith Apprenticeship experience. Your sith apprentice will find a Master who will take your apprentice through 7 trials (here) and teach them the skills they desire!

  • Character development for your character of any rank/type/level. We weave personal character stories into our guild rp to make sure every character has an impact, as character Agency is very important to us. Non-force users, soldiers, Mandos, slaves, citizens, Sith, even antagonist characters...we will develop arcs and events surrounding the characters. We focus on each character's internal power... their narrative power to push on the story.

  • A place to play out that event or story that's been clunking around in your head. We encourage others to construct, world-build, and DM if it's something they want to do! Or our DM's will run it for you!

  • In-depth events and plots. We try to make each event in an arc available to everyone, inside or outside the guild, through the proliferation of easily accessible IC information so your character can almost always find a reason to participate. We can always find way for your character to reasonably participate, through extra story if needed! Our events forum is here.

  • We accept fully developed characters and all their backstory baggage! We don't require you to start from scratch. Detailed characters with extensive histories give our guild that much more of an intricate and elaborate story potential.

  • We accept brand new characters! But we are diligent in making sure our guild is not a parking lot for alts who only play sporadically or gimp our rp by having priorities different than ours. It is important that people take the responsibility of their roleplay with others seriously to foster a quality experience for everyone.

  • The Academy of the Adumbrate is a Mature 19+ Heavy RP Guild. Our plots usually have great depth, and we do not shy away from darker stories.

  • The Adumbrate is a small guild. We want quality over quantity, and a logical flow of story throughout the guild.

  • Our guild rules are here and our roster is here.

  • The Adumbrate holds community events! Here is our calendar. We do a lot of Academy-style rp as well as many other topics.

  • The Adumbrate has representatives from many spheres. We serve the Empire through the sphere of Philosophy, but also have heavy influences and events through the sphere of Ancient Knowledge and the sphere of Intelligance. We have a branch of people who are also in the war spheres, and we rp with other allied guilds of differing expertise to give us expansive and interesting events and plots.

  • The Adumbrate has a rich backstory. This backstory of intrigue and conspiracy is revealed slowly to characters through rp.


To Apply: Read and complete the OOC Application at

If you have questions, whisper Anihrul, Ra'vekh, Virosk, or Iradenza in game.

My Discord: Margot#9301


We look forward to meeting your characters!

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07.05.2019 , 06:13 PM | #3
The Academy of the Adumbrate
We are recruiting!

GM: Anihrul
Contacts: Virulauf, Qo’vune, Necrolim, Mirovondius

Sith Acolytes/Apprentices: Open
Mandos: Open
Contractors/Mercs: Open

We are a Heavy RP guild offering many types of rp: Combat; Training; Intrigue; Scientific; Political; Legal/Philosophical; Social. We have a full Master/Apprentice system and Combat Roll system!

We are a mature 19+ heavy rp guild focused on character development, guild evolution, and inclusive short and long-term rp stories. We strive to maintain an authentic Imperial experience within the Adumbrate through the collaborative efforts of all the players. Character agency and story quality are our goals.

We use a streamlined system for training and combat for both force and non-force users. The Adumbrate does not require a character to start from ‘the beginning’. We enjoy new characters as well as characters with rich backstories, and we accept roleplayers of all experience levels.