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Darth Malgus EU-RP server - Looking for someone to explore the galaxy with!

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Darth Malgus EU-RP server - Looking for someone to explore the galaxy with!

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08.05.2019 , 09:43 AM | #1
I'm a long-time role-player with experience from both online games and tabletop who's looking for a small group (think 4 to max 8 people) or a friendly person to RP with (I'm not looking for a big guild or anything).
My idea is that we mix various forms of RP to create something interesting that involves travelling, utilizing both planets and Strongholds, etc. The RP could involve part planning, where we set up a story as a foundation (say, searching for lost artifacts or seeking to resolve a diplomatic conflict), and another part is of course unplanned. I am also a fan of utilizing D&D ideas, such as dice rolls when it makes sense (perhaps when exploring)

I am hoping to find someone to RP with that we can plan around our IRL schedules, as I have a family and work full time, I'm around some mornings, some afternoons and some evenings depending on work. I try to make a habit of not staying up past 1am (Amsterdam/Paris time) because I easily mess up my sleeping rhythm

I have a variety of characters I can put to use, and I am also have some ideas for characters.

My biggest idea right now (I will probably main this character) is for a Nautolan Jedi, haven't given him a name yet, but I am working on a background. He could either have a Padawan, or a fellow Knight to travel with, or something else if you have ideas.
I also have a Republic Trooper (true patriot), and a chill smuggler.
I mostly play Rep side, but I also have plans for a Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent and Sith.

I'd like to hear from you if you're interested in making something work, and we could discuss ideas, see if our schedules fit, etc. I should probably mention that I am hoping to create something long-term where we have a continous story (so if you're planning to quit SWTOR soon for instance, I don't think I'd begin some RP with you now^^ )

Sorry for the wall of text, feel free to send me a PM if you're interested or have any questions, and have an excellent day!

-You can reach me on Discord at Pr0selyte#0107

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08.05.2019 , 12:55 PM | #2
Re: Thread title. There are no dedicated RP servers. Darth Malgus is the English-language-preferred server (just as The Leviathan is for French speakers and Tulak Hord is for German speakers), but it exists for all play styles.

EDIT: DM is the English-language-preferred *EU* server.
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