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Shameful Attack

Freshiefromafar's Avatar

03.19.2019 , 03:43 AM | #1
An explosion, an act of kindness, and a journey into darkness.

"Aerowyn, Aerowyn, AEROWYN, I swear by all that powers that were and be if they take you from me I will kill them all!" With tears in her eyes the young sentinel was struggling fervently to stop the bleeding crying out for help to anyone nearby as she held what remained of the young padawan's face in her lap. Arianna came to this place to finish her trials as a padawan and leave a Jedi Knight, instead her and her sister arrived at a training ground under attack. Aerowyn was beautiful and kind who saw the good in everyone unfortunately for her she didn't see the grenade in the flesh raider's hand that she was trying to treat. "She just can't help herself, she couldn't just let that flesh raider die could she, damn you Aerowyn" the now blood covered sentinel thought as she wrapped what remained of her sister's face in bandages.

"Padawan, your sister will live," the medical droid said "but unfortunately she has permanently lost her sight." Blinking back tears Arianna left the room, "how, how could this be, she was kind and good and just." Trembling and blinded by tears Arianna uttered 5 words, "I....will....kill.....them ALL!"