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New Species? Why not classes?

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New Species? Why not classes?

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09.22.2019 , 06:59 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
It's not just about what the *character* says (and, following your suggestion literally as written, do you really want the new class to be obliged to sound like a Jedi even if it's a Sith?), but also about what *NPCs* say. If a new Impside Force User class *isn't* a Sith, should it be greeted universally as "My Lord"? (In some places, the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor greetings are *both* incorrect - a new ImpFU, Sith or not, is neither "Dark Lord" nor "Lord Wrath".)

So no, borrowing lines from another class isn't the right solution. Almost all the shortcuts would get the new class marked out immediately as "lame" to a lesser or greater extent. People will expect a new set of lines spoken in a new set of voices, with NPCs responding correctly, and a new story(1). That is *expensive*.

And regarding the last part: *I* didn't say it *can't* be done, but that if it is done, it will be hugely expensive compared to adding a class to other MMORPGs. If the projections by their business analysts say that the estimated present and future costs(2) will exceed the estimated possible financial benefits, it won't happen. While I doubt they have access to any specific figures on what other MMORPGs gained in revenue when they added new classes, you can usually infer a reasonable estimate from the published results during times when such releases have happened.

Games with class-independent stories, and especially games (er, most of them) with no references to class in their stories, are significantly cheaper to add classes.

Final point: adding a new playable species is much cheaper in SWTOR than adding a new class. New species (and above all the ones they've chosen to add) have no impact on game mechanics, armour sets, spoken dialogue (except for a sprinkling of lines that they've so far ignored) and so on. They don't change the stories to any measurable extent. So the cost is a bit of UI, some artwork, customisation options, and a few toggles in Togruta and Nautolans to force-hide helmets. That's it.

(1) It's SWTOR. Who's going to be pleased by a new class pair that doesn't have stories on the same scale as the existing four class pairs?

(2) Present costs: what it will cost to implement the new class, including story writers, game-mechanics analysis and implementation, voice actors, mechanics testing, PvP balance testing, new UI, new lore entries, a new class ship, changes to the Fleet and other spaceports and orbital stations to accommodate the new ship (where exactly *would* you put the new class's hangar?), and so on and so on.

Future costs: all future story development would have its cost increased by the need to record more player lines, more class-specific NPC greetings and suchlike, blah blah blah.
As much as I would prefer to see a new class ADDED this is pretty much the truth. Call it by whatever label you want .. but the bottom line is it is expensive. (Like it or not that's just how it is)

The only thing that MIGHT work (and that's a BIG might) Would be to add a class that could be justified as being added POST KotFE / ET A good writer could do that without any problem. BUT .. again !! it is expensive for a number of reasons. Any such addition to the game IMO should come AFTER 6.0 launch IF (and inly IF ) 6.0 were successfully enough to defray the expense of development.