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(New/Old) Lightsaber Design

ACbenni's Avatar

03.15.2019 , 01:00 PM | #1
So for a while now, maybe 2 years, I've been waiting for the return of the "Vile Primeval Ardent Blade's Lightsaber" design to return as a lightsaber for neutral and light side characters again. It's really annoying to force yourself to become a "darkside" character, and remain as such, to use it. It used to be my favourite weapon design in the game. If someone is still unsure of which design I'm referring too, it's the lightsaber "a certain jedi" uses in the Foundry fp on the imp side. I really wish it could be included again, as a craftable or purchasable weapon. As the cartel market needs a little less crazy looking lightsabers (in my opinion).

I've been playing this game since launch in 2011 (a couple of days later, but still). I've now experienced every class main story, and I've played every expansion up until chapter X (not started), and I'm going to continue the story ofc. The reason I'm bringing up how long I've been playing is that I've done all characters on both alignments, and I usually prefer to stick to the light side of the spectrum (with rare cases of dark side choices as one should expect).

If anyone else would like to post other old weapon design requests, I guess they can do it here

PS: If this is already a topic somewhere else on the forum, I apologise for making yet another one ^^