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You won't agree with me, but decos are too expensive and difficult

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You won't agree with me, but decos are too expensive and difficult

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03.03.2021 , 11:45 PM | #51
For example. A bar set of: one bar, two tables, 4 chairs, 2 lamps. 2000cc.
Once we buy the set, we unlock an account-wise option to buy individual pieces from that set.

A bar for 800cc
A table for 400cc
A chair for 80cc
A lamp for 60cc

If I only like the lamp from the set, I won't waste cc on that set just for 2 lamps.
But if I can unlock the set and buy as many lamp as I please, that is a temping offer.
I can be a happy interior designer, Bioware can earn more money (0cc vs. 2000+Nx60cc) because it's smart business!

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03.04.2021 , 12:24 AM | #52
I don't think the GTN prices are the issue here for decorations, they're more of a symptom. The actual issue is the fact that a huge amount of decorations are hidden behind lootboxes which then inflates their price due to the sheer number of possible drops and the inability to buy most of them directly.

A lot of really basic Jedi decorations, for example, are pretty difficult to find because they only show up in the various lootboxes. From what I can see, they removed the Bronze and Silver Decoration packs too, so I think the only way to get Bronze and Silver decorations are via the normal cartel packs, which increases the possible drops to all decorations, armors, weapons, etc.

What we need is some way to purchase these decorations directly as opposed to gambling on packs. We get this on armors, but I very rarely see pack decorations in the shop. It seems like a shot in the foot to me. I'm fully willing to pay CC for a lot of the decorations I'd like in higher quantities, but gambling on lootboxes isn't something I'm willing to do for any game at this point.

However they have to do that is their business, frankly, but something would be better than nothing. The current system for the pack-exclusive decorations really sucks, in my opinion, and it generally puts me off decorating. I'd love to have a much larger number of Jedi Temple Banners, for instance, but there's only 5 on GTN on my server, all over 10m and 3/5 are closer to or above 20m. That's left me completely unmotivated to decorate my Alderaan SH, because I wanted it Jedi themed but I'd have to break the bank or gamble to get even just a few of the basic decorations. It's just a crummy system.
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03.04.2021 , 12:48 AM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
That would be good but if they are concerned about not getting any credits then allowing us to purchase the copies for credits like they do with the guild decorating is another idea. Either one I would take p

Someone mentioned on another thread about paying credits too, and that it would be a credit sink.
Personally I'd love it, but I can't see them doing that, as it means less cc's for them
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03.07.2021 , 08:57 PM | #54
Deco's have come a long way in the game, but have a very very long ways to go. They finally added bundles, but random and incomplete bundles. Even after all these years you still cannot build a kitchen. Other normal themes are very limiting too. There are so many ideas just from the movies they could mimic and release bundles for. The Meksha decoration bundle was a beginning towards the right path. A good amount of theme related decos for a decent price per deco. And most, not all, of the items will actually fit in one room. They need to expand on those. More related and themed items, more decos per bundle, and appropriate to the intended room size hooks.

Decos could still be a better source of money for them it they just knew anything about what stronghold owners wanted and liked.

For overall prices, there are a lot of pricey ones, but a lot of cheap ones. prefabs, achievements, and conquest decos are all cheap. Watch gtn prices for cheap or mislisted decos to use or flip to buy more expensive ones. Do group runs to harvest decos for sale.

Strongholds are vanity items and like most games with housing, a pauper will have a paupers house and not some fancy castle. Some of the concern is just managing unreasonable expectations.
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