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6.0 Tank Stats

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10.31.2019 , 01:42 AM | #1

references: - 6.0 Character Sheet Equations - 4.0 Tank Stats - Link to unlettered mod sheets - Link to B mod sheet damage weights

These numbers assume using high endurance low defense and high shield/absorb mods enhancements:

These are suggested defense, (d), shield (s) and absorb (a) ratings. format uses fraction melee damage (m) as tabulating header. high melee/ranged bosses would be closer to m=1, and high force/tech bosses are closer to m=0.1
boss_damage*squish - self _heals*heal_buff - heals_received*healer_buff*heal_buff - self_bubble - relic bubble = damage taken. Squish is the fraction of damage taken, so the lower the better. I have assumed 15,000 boss dps for these calcs.

I optimized the stats for the relics which provide best mitigation. Relic shorthand used:

S:Shrouded Crusader (on use shield and absorb)
A: Avoidance (Static Absorb buff)
M: Matrix Shield (Static shield buff)
I: Imperiling Serenity (Defense on Use)
W: Reactive Warding (bubble) - unknown bubble size at this point. Assumed 15000 in sheet, but not reporting.

reactive warding relic best if boss dps < relic_bubble/((squish_with_relic - squish_without_relic)*cooldown). I have =ward in the tables that shows what the boss dps has to be to make the 2nd best relic for that fight better than the reactive warding relic.

Please find my errors... or tell me what gearing assumptions are of interest

need to know if accuracy changes affect boss accuracy
because no internal/elemental damage is being assumed, the squish numbers do not reflect true tank performance
no set bonus, amps or tacticals assumed


copy and paste into notepad/excel for legibility



Boss Damage Weights (uses really old data... Use the last column since we cant avoid i/e anyway.


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10.31.2019 , 09:51 AM | #2
So defence is good but not great? I see multiple endgame tanks gearing for extra endurance with B mods and high endurance enhancements, seems like a good idea? Assuming gearing for 75 content of course.

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10.31.2019 , 11:58 AM | #3
people are doing all sorts of weird stuff with gearing for this expansion. unlettered lethals with alacrity and crit... whatever your healers are okay with. from my estimation, for sins anyway, 100 defense reduced squish by 0.0006, where as it was 0.0013 for shield/absorb, but that was at 50% m/r. once we have damage profiles we will have a better idea since the current content is limited to one operation.
for juggs
0.000706773 for 100 points of defense
0.000908947 shield
0.000907045 absorb

0.000558238 d
0.00112126 s
0.001118912 a

the difference in squish between lettered and unlettered is 0.01378 for sins, 0.016415624 for juggs, 0.012542083 for PT with sins getting 55339.2 hp, and 54314.4 ho for juggs and PT.

is we assume bosses are doing 15k dps pre mitigation the extra damage taken per second is around 200 (post mitigation obv.) , and the TTK extension for high endurance is around 20 seconds (all of this is at 50% m/r)

sin squish dtps hp TTK
unlettered 0.24695 3704 313184 84.55
lettered 0.26073 3911 257845 65.93
diff 0.01379 207 55339 18.62

jugg squish dtps hp TTK
unlettered 0.25715 3857 308353 79.94
lettered 0.27356 4103 254038 61.91
0.01642 246 54314 18.03

PT squish dtps hp TTK
unlettered 0.21959 3294 308353 93.62
lettered 0.23213 3482 254038 72.96
0.01254 188 54314 20.66

I have not tey started getting into the enhancement stuff... you could argue that the mitigation to enduance trade is better than you can get on a mod.

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10.31.2019 , 03:31 PM | #4
I assume both relics (A and M), since they contain static buff, can stack? Meaning I could use 2x M relics?

Reason I ask is to make gearing easier at start for all tank classes. Put shield augment on A relic and absorb augment on M relic, swap A relic for M relic for PT to end up with 2x M relics on PT. That way you have 1 gear set and 1 extra relic for all 3 tank classes that is fairly close to optimal stats listed here.

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10.31.2019 , 05:21 PM | #5
that should work... not sure though. a few things need to be tested but no one will want to use their frags on them until later

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11.01.2019 , 10:07 AM | #6
Testing relics is easy... since you just want to check if the stats add or if only one counts.

Yes, they stack.

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11.04.2019 , 09:31 AM | #7
So I am looking at Stat priority as Shield chance> Shield absorb> Defense> Endurance. IF you get a mod that has high Shield chance or Shield absorb and lower defense with higher Endurance then take it. Defense is good up to 29% ish but trying to hit 30% is just silly. Seems to me, and I have not tested this, but 29% is close to is not the soft cap for Defense. At this point diminishing returns come into play. Shield and absorb are currently at 2799 and 3014 respectively and any boost to these stats in give a big return. 2357 Absorb to 3014 adds 4.21% absorb rating.

My conclusion, and again I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS, is that defense will reach the soft cap without any effort. You may need one or 2 mods that priorities Defense over Endurance but not many. 5697 Defense - 5264 defense losses less than 1% defense. 29.07% done to 28.20%

In conclusion, the required defense is what ever you get on mods with high Primary and secondary stats.

[Vigilant Superior Enhancement 80R-11] 409 Endurance - 409 Absorb - 184 defense. I will swap this out with a mod with higher absorb only.

If I am wrong feel free to flame away. I would want to know if I am wrong.
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11.04.2019 , 09:58 AM | #8
for sins the amount of shield versus absob makes almost a smile curve (likely due to bulwark): there is a crossover point for sins when you have exatly the same amount of each stat.(m=.6)

shield-absorb for sins:
m=1 m=0.9 m=0.8 m=0.7 m=0.6 m=0.5 m=0.4 m=0.3 m=0.2 m=0.1
123 18 -8 -6 0 12 30 50 78 110

for juggs and pt, for low m/r fights, you will want more shield, with the difference in shield and absorb being greatest at higher m/r values (pt is almost constant difference between shield and absorb)

m=1 m=0.9 m=0.8 m=0.7 m=0.6 m=0.5 m=0.4 m=0.3 m=0.2 m=0.1
-28 -28 -31 -86 -134 -134 -134 -134 -134 -134

m=1 m=0.9 m=0.8 m=0.7 m=0.6 m=0.5 m=0.4 m=0.3 m=0.2 m=0.1
-1087 -1137 -1140 -1140 -1140 -1140 -1140 -1140 -1140 -1140

for sins you want to minimize defense by m/r =0.8, for juggs at m=0.5 and pts at m=0.8. for higher values of m/r you will want to add defense. you may want to use unlettered defense mods in level capped content since endurance is capped, if you want extra mitigation.

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11.08.2019 , 12:54 AM | #9
Can you explain what the acronyms mean here? such as M or M/R

I'm just a dumbdumb trying to understand what i'm reading lol

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11.08.2019 , 02:45 PM | #10
m/r should refer to melee/ranged (damage type) just like f/t is force/tech and i is internal. M by itself is likely referring to the matrix tank relic that provides a static stat buff, I believe shield in this case.