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Most satisfying class

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Most satisfying class

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05.30.2014 , 05:01 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DomiSotto View Post
Snip for brevity
I started a male Twilek smuggler last night! Got to level 9, and don't think I've laughed so much at some of the dialogue and actions even in that short time! I went with male because I liked the idea of charming, flirting & sleeping my way across the galaxy and from what you said the females (as usual in games, sadly...) have less agency in this regard.

The game feels totally different, instead of noble Jedi and brutal bounty hunters I'm just a random guy running around booting people in the nads, whacking them with my gun, shooting consoles because they don't work, and legging it before anybody finds the bodies (so that's what that smell is), even the soundtrack sounds quite playful: such a change! Definitely merits a place in this thread from what I've seen so far

And I have to agree with everybody on the Agent storyline: it's absolutely awesome. I'm playing mine in a duo with my friend and her Bounty Hunter, put up against each other there seems to be a real gulf between the stories in quality (not that the BH is bad, the Agent is just another level altogether) and the voice acting is superb. That evil chuckle when TA is triggered... so good!

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05.30.2014 , 07:08 AM | #12
I am so glad you love your Smuggler! And, yes, as I mentioned it, when the 'Smuggler " theme music kicks in, you know you are in for a treat of a cutscene. Smuggler is one class where you are expected to laugh at your character, not just with him. Not taking yourself too seriously is a HUGE win in my book. Haven't seen any other character do that. Yes, F!Smuggler gets to Flirt way less, but she gets the best romantic sequence imo in the game, with numen Brock. That's the romance as I would have loved to see it in the game - it mixes flirting with the high adventure, the characters actually work together, she saves him, and there is that huge kiss in the space-port - AWESOME, BioWARE! Beats the "let's go back to the ship to talk about us," hands down.

I have started a Sith Warrior, and I have to say Twi'leks were made for either Knight or SW class as well. The animation on a Leap with the Lekku streaming behind is an absolute gamegasm. I have to disagree though on the conversational options. I find them sadly lacking. It has a lot of 'stock' responses, and my SW never has a good rejoinder to a Jedi or a random Good Guy lecturing him/her. Plus, the female voice has uneven sound recording, so she often sounds perceptively louder than other characters. Things like that tend to bother me. I haven't heard that problem on a male yet, but the night is young. My male is LS so I reserve my judgment on the LS dialogue quality.

IA - was the very first character I created, and played, but she is still stick on Dromund Kaas. As much as I liked the story so far, I just never felt a connection to the character, and knowing that Vector is not coming forever and ever really put a dumper on things. And I do like Kaliyo. I can't say I enjoy a BH much. Mako is overemphasized imo, even if I like her Trinity meets Imoen backstory (though I'd take a shamelessly copied Trinity over anything Imoen any day). It seems that they try to compensate the lackluster sequence by trying to make very interesting scenery NPCs in the backstory. It does work, but just doesn't cut it. I like the Trooper more, because of the Hard Choices that are present her. BH is too simple. Kill = DS, Freeze = LS.

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05.30.2014 , 07:13 AM | #13
1. Bounty Hunter - Throwing fire, blaster bolts, missiles = win

2. Sith Warrior - Force Choke, Force Leap

3. Smuggler - Dirty Kick, slapping mouths with blaster barrels, humor and charm

Honorable mention: Trooper - High Impact Bolt - big fat, wet Star Wars blaster sound; Clone Trooper armor

Least satisfying: Consular dirtstorms

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05.30.2014 , 07:16 AM | #14
The most satisfying class is always Metal Shop, because students get to play with arc welders and stuff. -bp

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05.30.2014 , 11:00 PM | #15
Best playstyle: Vanguard/Powertech
Most fun to kill mobs: Combat (Sentinel) / Carnage (Marauder)
Most fun DPS: Infiltration (Shadow) / Deception (Assassin)
Most fun Tank: Shadow/Assassin
Best looking visual effects: Sage (Telekinetics)
Best storyline:
Republic: Smuggler (not finished) > Knight > Trooper = Consular
Empire (so far): Warrior (though Agent is fighting for this spot real hard) > BH (not finished) > Inquisitor

Quote: Originally Posted by Sidenti View Post
The most satisfying class is always Metal Shop, because students get to play with arc welders and stuff. -bp
It must feel good to be special.

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06.01.2014 , 09:09 AM | #16
I really liked the first two chapters of the smuggler story, because you get to hate Skavak sooo much. Third chapter is meh, but you get Guss, who is by far the funniest companion in SWTOR.

Gameplay wise I gravitate most to Seer and Shadow Tank. I liked the consular storyline second best on Republic side, but I had an unusual take on it from the very beginning (see sig). If you let the game just spoon feed the story to you it's less interesting.

Operative story is also nice. Though a, "people are resources to be used, don't throw them away," philosophy has led to almost pure light side play, which is a bit weird.

Non-human inquisitor is also a bit interesting. Of all my characters this is the one where the story provides the greatest motivation to bring down the Empire and wipe the Sith from the face of the galaxy. More than all of my Republic characters combined.
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06.07.2014 , 03:09 PM | #17
For killing trash mobs, I think Madness Sorcerer is probably the smoothest, cleanest experience I've had. Mind you, Madness DPS is weak against tough boss monsters.

On the other side of the coin (tough boss monsters), for the satisfaction of laughing as you solo Heroic 4 missions (and some flashpoints), Immortal Juggernaut never lets me down.

Speaking of the Sith Warrior, I'd say the male Sith Warrior is the best voice in the game. Commanding, regal and intelligent, yet at the same time, every word is delivered with the barely-contained fury of a true Sith. Brilliant acting.

In terms of story, I can't be of much assistance, since I only finished Trooper, Warrior and Inquisitor stories. Out of these 3, though, I'd have to choose Inquisitor.

Companions. Again, I've only played the aforementioned 3 classes to the end, but so far, Sith Warrior wins hands down, if only because of Vette.

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06.07.2014 , 09:19 PM | #18
For me it is definitely deception assassin, just something about sneaking around and stabbing people in the back. Also i like to sneak past all the mobs after i finish the bonus quests. Powertech advanced prototype and Merc Arsenal are both fun as hell for me. AP gets to set everyone on fire while arsenal gets to fire an *** load of missles. Both are loaded with fun times.
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06.08.2014 , 03:12 PM | #19
For me the best class in the game: Operative/Scoundrel.

They are the stronger single-target DPS and healing class.
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06.09.2014 , 10:30 AM | #20
For me its the Juggernaut tank.

It has my favorite story and companions.

I love how solid and powerful the animations and sound effects feel. Force Leap, Force Push --> Force Leap, and Intercede give it a dynamic and surprisingly mobile play-style. Also leaping into a large group of ranged enemies, hitting reflect, and watching the storm of incoming fire bounce back at them is the best thing ever.