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Need better "move to guild decoration" mechanics

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Need better "move to guild decoration" mechanics

stdieter's Avatar

08.19.2014 , 08:57 PM | #1
Overall I LOVE this expansion. Getting decorations into the guild, however, sucks.

There are multiple mechanisms for getting decorations into the guild; they are confusing, inconsistent, and not well documented. (For example, I _still_ can't figure out how to add a companion to the guild stronghold, nor a speeder, achievement trophy once my personal limit of 10/10 unlocks is full, etc)

I suggest the following simple mechanic for this:

Allow me to donate a decoration to the guild from the main housing decorations page (in a new button next to the "place" button); that's where I'm looking at it, that's where I know if I want to add it to the guild or not. Why should I have to make it a n-step operation of: - get unlock, drag unlock to guild bank, then decorate as normal


Allow me to convert a personal decoration into a guild decoration. Once I click the unlock, I lose the ability to change my mind.

Justification: Why do we need multiple ways to get unlocks into the guild? (e.g. drag this unlock, pay for this unlock, etc). Just have a single "donate to guild" in the main decorations list when I am decorating, and bring up the appropriate payment mechanism if needed.

It's OK if this is a one-way move (e.g. to guild and not from guild)

Finally, if someone can explain to me clearly how to get speeders, companions, trophies, etc into the guild decorations list, I'd appreciate it. The official text of "Decorations that cannot be physically donated may be purchased for your guild through the decoration collection window (you will not lose the decoration)." is unhelpful to me