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If I Hated the Jedi Knight Story...

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If I Hated the Jedi Knight Story...

Imperious's Avatar

01.14.2017 , 11:26 PM | #71
My choices were:

In third, Sith Warrior storyline is a MUST. Many stuff and a really good story for me [my first Character is a LS Sith Marauder and is totally worth it], you should try the whole story line: Jaesa's hunt was awesome.

In Secont, Imperial Agent was a little confusing on Hutta, but I found myself very interested in the story, specially chapter 2 and 3... was good at start, but in the end was great. I tried my first Chiss Female there and Hoth is an awesome planet to do with an Agent...

In First, Sith Inquisitor was really good story and a little linear but very intriguing: lots of twist and turns on those stories, there is the best of the Sith and I personally fell in love with the female Sith Inquisitor voice. My main character is a human female Sith Assassin and it will be for a long time...

If you didn't liked the Jedi Knight story line, perhaps is not a good idea to try the Consular story... I found it really more cliché than the Jedi Knight story... Imperial story line on Makeb is better than the Republic.
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stoopicus's Avatar

01.15.2017 , 12:18 AM | #72
Yeah. Consular feels kind of like the Sunday Morning Cartoon version of a Jedi story. Not bad but if you didn't like JK you probably won't like it either. It's better than its reputation, IMO, but not up to the others in depth. Good companions though.

Inquisitor has amazing companions and I liked the story a lot. Khem Val is just great, you start out with him thinking you are going to ditch him when someone better comes along, but he just gets more and more awesome. Qyzen is kind of the same for Consular I guess. His tie-in to Mako is cute.

Zehal's Avatar

01.18.2017 , 01:27 AM | #73
Agent I recommend, since the story connects all stories if you played them all at that point and have good memory you will enjoy it a lot. When I was playing, I was like: "Oh, so that's what happen?! or WOW so my other character did this and now my Agent needs to etc,etc..." After that to me, Inquisitor was best (his still my main)... because of the reasons mention by many already. Also you realize his the only character who you can actually picture surpassing Valkorian, achieving true immortally and mastering the force both Light and Dark beyond what Revan ever could in his lifetime, as the story kinda indirectly hints you, even if you took the worst choices. His the only Story that makes you to pursue anything, whether its ruling, mastering the force, romance or all of the above, ect,etc well like I said anything.

The other classes are ok... JK is like a classic hero story or classic Anti-hero depending which side you took...