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PVP Server advanced class

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PVP Server advanced class

Beaken's Avatar

05.24.2014 , 09:56 AM | #1
Hey guys, I've been around since the game was born and I'm in desperate need of a new challenge since I've been subbing and un-subbing for quite some time now. I'm wanting to give a PVP server a try to see if it's any sort of a new challenge, only I can't decide on a class. Leaning on Inquisitor class but assassin or sorcerer?

I've played both and enjoy both, for whatever reason I have this romantic idea of sneaking around in stealth and unloading on some unsuspecting pub, I mean, it sounds awesome. Although I do love the sorcerer style of play. I'm honestly at a 50/50 point so if anyone has some PVP server experience I'd greatly appreciate some input. For all I know it might not be a whole lot different for 80% of the game until higher levels.