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Endurance heavy augments (for now)

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Endurance heavy augments (for now)

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05.25.2014 , 04:36 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Duskrequim View Post
I have shown in other forums that a vanguard tank who gets full Endurance Armoring ----

Advanced Supercommando Armoring 34
Mods ---- Advanced Weighted Mod 34B
Enhancements ---- Advanced Vigilant Mod 34
Augments ---- Advanced Fortitude Augment 28

gets you these stats with using the Fortitude Stim and using Commando Barrel 34......and someone to make Dread Forged Supercommando's Device For Ear and 2x Dread Forged Supercommando's MK-X Pakage and having Dread Forged Relics of the Fortunate Redoubt and Reactive Warding.... also made.

This will give you the stats
--Health of 51422.8
---Armor rating is 10765.4
---Damage Reduction is 52.47%
--- Defense Chance of 15.06%
---Shield Chance of 39.24%
---Absorb of 39.35%

Then Switch out to 36's for each piece as you get.....and get the Dread Masters Supercommando Device and 2 Dread Master Supercommando Mk-V package as well as Dread Master Relics of Fortunate Redoubt and Reactive Warding... to finish up end gaming gear and your stats increase too

This will give you the stats
--Health of 54576.4
---Armor rating is 11120.4
---Damage Reduction is 53.27%
--- Defense Chance of 16.19%
---Shield Chance of 40.45%
---Absorb of 39.33%

Endurance stacking done right... WINS! if you are able to do it... and you sacrifice nothing.....
If you're gonna endurance stack, get the +3% endurance talent!

52.7k hp > 51.4k hp
~57k hp > 54.5k hp

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05.25.2014 , 04:41 PM | #12
That was with the endurance talent... at least when I used askmr robot..... either way,..... its still amazing build....