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07.14.2020 , 10:59 AM | #9921
Quote: Originally Posted by Euphrosyne View Post
\No matter how polite and nonconfrontational your advice is, a large portion of players with bad positioning just will not improve. Perhaps they lack situational awareness, or they get too overwhelmed by their rotation to think about moving when they need to, or maybe they simply don't really care. This is why Jos/Valk and Project Sav-Rak are such pug killers: they are fights that require specific movements at specific times.
There's a large proportion of players in this game who seem to just get tunnel visioned into their rotation and holding the boss, killing the boss, or clickamajiging the group health bars. I blame some of that on the explosion of different abilities you should be including in your rotation every expansion and the resulting quickbar bloat, the rest I blame on the fact that most fights in this category of difficulty or lower do not place much emphasis on moving out of a dangerous spot; normally when they do, it feels more like a "recommendation" that you move because the penalty if you don't is so insignificant, but then you get gems like blood hunt and LI where it goes "stand at this EXACT little x or you will die" and people rarely do them so then so few players learn to appreciate staying out of stupid or other mechanics.