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Lana RomANce

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08.13.2019 , 02:34 PM | #1
Wg=hen R YIOOU GOING TO FIX THISD? I see in the bug fixes this isnt addressed. It worked before... FIX IT!12 Damn You!!

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08.14.2019 , 01:00 AM | #2
Perhaps you should explain what happened so we can offer insight. I know of at least three different bugs with the Lana romance, although one was fixed very quickly after it was released.

Is it:
* The bug (probably caused by a patch interrupting your journey through KotFE chapters I to IX) where the second option on the atrocity wheel(1) isn't presented? (This also affects romances with Koth.)
* The bug (or bugs, it's wildly unclear) where you lock in the romance successfully, but somewhere along the way the game forgets that you did?
* The atrocious design of the atrocity wheel, which isn't, as such, a bug, just bad bad bad design, that leads you to choose "don't romance" when you wanted to pursue the romance?
* (Fixed after a week or less) the bug immediately after Nathema Conspiracy was released where the game would forget that you proposed to Lana? As noted, this was fixed after a short period, and the "updating Alliance records" minimission was added to allow us to fix any affected character.

(1) The one which, if all goes well, says this:
1. I want to speak with one of you
2. [Flirt] I want to speak with one of you.

On some classes, the wording is different ("I want to see one of you") but whatever the wording is, it's the same on both options. The second option really means "I want to romance one of you", even though it's easy (but wrong) to think it means "I want to speak with / see one of you right after I flirt with Theron".
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08.14.2019 , 03:20 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by jsross View Post
Wg=hen R YIOOU GOING TO FIX THISD? I see in the bug fixes this isnt addressed. It worked before... FIX IT!12 Damn You!!
I realize that there are bugs with the Lana "romance", but seriously, is it worth all the upset?!
I mean, all the "romance" consists of is a few bits of dialogue and a kiss. It's not like you then move in together and call each other "hunny-bunny" or anything. Until (if ever) the bugs are fixed you can just RP a romance with Lana (or anyone) and the outcome will be just the same.
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