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Anymore Spread Sheets around on the best mods etc

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Anymore Spread Sheets around on the best mods etc

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

11.10.2019 , 11:16 PM | #1
I’ve got one that Kre’a posted, but it’s not fully complete.

Anyone have any others they’d like to share to help work out what are the better mods, armour, enhancements, hilts/barrels, war and implants I should collecting for pure dps spec classes and which ones to deconstruct. I need to cull some of them in my storage as it’s getting out of control.

Edit,: has everyone also got an over abundance of Krell’s Accord tactical’s? Should I even bother keeping these?

jedcjedcjedc's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 12:00 AM | #2
The ones with base ones with R, like versatile r-2. the a and b ones aren't as good. that includes mods with ar
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11.11.2019 , 12:54 AM | #3
look for 2xx end, 431 tierary stat for enhancements, and all mods and armoring are called superior versatile armoring 80 and superior lethal mod 80

if there are numbers following the 80 you got the wrong one.

crit enhanc are called adept
I believe alacrity is "nimble" and accuracy is "initative" but on those two the first point to be sure "2xx end and 431 teirary stat"

all left side should be sha'tek and the ear and implants should be mk-19

Ayushman's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 05:16 AM | #4
You can go for...

Armoring - Superior Versaitle Armoring 80 409 End, 471 Mas (Also Hilt/Barrel)
Mod - Superior Lethal Mod 80 339 Pow, 313 End, 387 Mas
Enhancement - Superior Adept Enhancement 80 431 Crit, 313 Pow, 285 End
Superior Initiative Enhancement 80 431 Acc, 313 Pow, 285 End
Superior Nimble Enhancement 80 431 Ala, 313 Pow, 285 End

As for feft sides Sha'tek Adept/Quick Savant/Initiative Mk-19 for 431 Ac/Cr/Al, 652 Pow, 1007 End, 858 Mas

Rest you can try if it has a primary stat of 431 (enhancements) or somewhere close to these stats. But I'd recommend feeding those to meat grinder (deconstruction) if you are running low on storage.
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limenutpen's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 06:53 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Ayushman View Post
Mod - Superior Lethal Mod 80 339 Pow, 313 End, 387 Mas

Is ter not a mod with 359 Power and less Mast same 313 End which is said to be better? Or not.

I was think on this as well, then I was on Snave site and saw a spread sheet, and am reverting to this.

Okay for building up you can go any mod with 313 End, but BiS the 359 Power one might better.

limenutpen's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 07:00 AM | #6
Sorry double post.

Monterone's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 02:35 PM | #7
Pelvic Sorcery . Chonies . Flux Capacitor
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Lundorff's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 02:50 PM | #8
Go with unlettered mods, the rest is basically useless. I tried to make a high endurance build but there was essentially no difference compared to a traditional damage build.

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 07:03 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by jedcjedcjedc View Post
The ones with base ones with R, like versatile r-2. the a and b ones aren't as good. that includes mods with ar
That much I already know. But there are 20 versions of each one and some are better than others.


Superior Lethal Mod 80
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-1
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-2
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-3
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-4
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-5
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-6
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-7
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-8
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-9
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-10
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-11
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-12
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-13
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-14
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-15
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-16
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-17
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-18
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-19
Lethal Superior Mod 80R-20

The mods themselves aren’t so much the problem for me. It’s the Armoring, Enhancements, ear, implants, hilts and Barrels

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 07:10 PM | #10
Thanks, the first one sort of helps a little to fill in some blanks. But also not complete. The second one is only mods and I’ve a handle on them.

But sincerely, thank you for posting them.