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Bioware why no love for operative/scoundrel healers in PVP?

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Bioware why no love for operative/scoundrel healers in PVP?

blackopsranger's Avatar

11.09.2019 , 11:41 PM | #1
Ops and scoundrel healers were already weak in ranked (mainly solo) and yet not only did they get screwed on gear this patch you inadvertently nerfed their mediocre defenses. thats not to say the astronomical burst damage for which they cant do anything about .
with the "custom set bonuses" you had an oppurtunity to correct this without buffing the dps specs.

Rather than simply "cry" I've included some suggestions (using imp terms):

2/6: Recuperative nano tech increases Damage Reduction for all affected by 10% for 6 seconds.
alternative: activating evasion grants 'slippery team' providing the same effects as evasion to those within 8m.
This is to help counter the lack of burst healing available by reducing the damage taken.
4/6: Kolto Injection always critically heals those affected by Kolto probe.
alternative: while under the effects of Guard you're immune to push-backs and interrupts.
Ops and scoundrels if not the focus are always mezzed out. They cannot counter the damage taken by a team mate while they are stunned. in other words the lack of burst healing is further worsened especially with disparity in DPS vs healing. Also both of the other classes have 15+seconds of immunity abilities. as the burst healing of operatives is substantially lower a full up time immunity will not have as massive an impact.
6/6: Cooldown of Evasion reduced by 15 seconds and its duration increase by 100%
Cooldown on evasion was moved into legendary tier along with other "go to utilities" that gave ops a fighting chance.
Alternative: Shield Probe now reflects 50% of damage back at attackers.
Scoundrel healers need a deterrent similar to the others that forces others off of them for at least 6-8 seconds. Stealth out is not really fulfilling this as it requires eating a utility point into evasion or dots/aoes will immediately kill you.
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Spasi's Avatar

11.10.2019 , 02:54 AM | #2
I am all for taking survive ability away from DPS and put it into healing.As it stands operatives and scoundrels just play dps and don't ever die.Why would you need to be a healer when you can already tank 3 ppl on your own.Meanwhile the healing specs of these classes are lackluster.I actually play healing operative in PvE sometimes and i cant imagine doing it in pvp as opposed to sage where its a lot more possible even for a player that sucks at pvp healing.

Neulwen's Avatar

11.10.2019 , 10:04 AM | #3
I do like the 3stack instant cast kolto injection tactical, but the set boni don't offer much for healing. The Tactician 4set even blatantly has Overdrive reset the CD on backstab without providing anything equivalent for healing. Some buff to Recuperative nanotech would be good. It could just be added on this 4set.