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So when we get to kill Satele Shan?

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So when we get to kill Satele Shan?

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08.09.2013 , 08:25 PM | #221
If the Emperor was eventually killed and Malgus returned to rule the Empire, would that be fair? It would return the Empire's cinematic icon to pre-eminence, and establish him as even more bad-ash.
There is no try.

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08.09.2013 , 08:59 PM | #222
I would enjoy that too. She's too forgiving and lacks the courage to do all that is necessary to win.

"If someone stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up behind them, and stab them in the heart."
-Ra's al Ghul

Yes ,I'm a Jedi too. Full disclosure, any non-player Jedi are morons.

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08.20.2014 , 11:15 AM | #223
Quote: Originally Posted by Nexxa View Post
1: Superman and Deadpool actually do meet that criteria even in a setting where superpowers are commonplace.

2: Well that's Yoda. I'll allow it with him.

3: Those unnamed sith danced through a bunch of force insensitives... in most cases that's what force users do (With the occaisonal exceptionally hardcore mundane standing toe to toe with 'em).

4: Good lord the woman has shatterpoint too?! >.<
I don't think you know what a Mary Sue is. It's basically someone who's perfect in every way. I would agree that sometimes she is over powered, but she doesn't quite fit into Mary Sue, with Malgus being able to kick her *** and with the fact that if she was, you wouldn't be needed in this war.