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Healing Sorcerer dps rotation for dailies

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Healing Sorcerer dps rotation for dailies

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11.26.2012 , 08:05 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Suzina View Post
I did all my leveling in sorc healing spec. Also I did all the dailys in healing spec much of the time.

My advice is:

1. Force Storm a lot if there are weak enemies
The storm stuns them and hits almost as hard as if a DPS does it because of the points to increase all your AOE damage (which you should have anyway because it buffs Revivification)

2. Before trash pulls, bubble yourself. Then put down your healing ring (revivification) under enemies and send in HK-51 or (or Andronikos if you don't have HK).

3. When single-target enemies (not multiples) stop force-storming and do a rotation like this: Crushing Darkness -> Force Lightning -> lightning strike -> hit consumption a few times -> Unnatural preservation -> Repeat
Thanks, I love your videos about healing.