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Should they buff Madness?

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01.20.2019 , 06:56 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by xMaranathax View Post
It's just the meta right now. Madness had its fun in the sun when the meta was I/E damage. DoT damage had a time when it was absurdly OP. If they need to buff anything, they need to look at total damage output vs healing output. It's absurd that heals can out heal 2 dps. I've seen mercs/commandoes heal for over 45k in a single heal. I've seen sorcs/sages heal for 9k HPS in WZs (regs). They need to nerf all healing, imo.
if 2 dps cant bring down a healer.. blame the dps players.....
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08.03.2019 , 04:27 AM | #22
not sure if they should BUFF madness per se

but they should definitely make force lightning align with GCDs
either make it longer - 3s or shorter - 1.5s

also make force leech to have 1 gcd lower cooldown somehow (making it instant would also work)

boom, madness solved and with this it can have proper rotation, not that bs that forces you to clip force lightning and reapply dots too soon to maximize dps

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08.04.2019 , 06:52 AM | #23
maddness is in a pretty good spot imo i do agree they should make force leech an instant cast and increase the heals from deathfield

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08.04.2019 , 08:53 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by chrishill View Post
maddness is in a pretty good spot imo
I wouldn't say so. Ranged sustained, 2.5 dummy, max/average.

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300 DPS difference.

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08.04.2019 , 11:29 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by chrishill View Post
maddness is in a pretty good spot imo i do agree they should make force leech an instant cast and increase the heals from deathfield
not if pts stuff goes live because madness tacticals are really objectively worse than the tacticals every class is getting except for maybe Sin dps specs. I get better results from using generic tacticals available to everyone on a madness sorc than class specific tacticals.

also force leech cooldown is lower than what it can be used as in a increase the cooldown on it by 1 sec but make it deal like 15-20% more damage there problem fixed.

also I kind of like a design on madness/hatred specs where they parse a bit bellow average average on the first 60% of the health-pool of a target but ramp up significantly when target is bellow 30%. That would make them potentially good "burn" specs. Also increase pressure that way on low health players. They did something like this in the last 5.x patches that the damage ramps up in burn phase and I think bioware should strengthen this type of design or concept for these two specs,
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08.06.2019 , 04:45 AM | #26
I disagree about ramp up on damage below 30%. I've been around since before that passive was added. Back then one of the top requests was to give sages an execute. Players wanted a skill like Spinning Strike or Dispatch, but what they got was damage boost on dots.
There was a tradeoff though. The overall damage of dots stayed the same, so to compensate for damage buff below 30% the dots dealt less damage than they used to above 30%.
If you keep that tradeoff in mind, it's easier to see why the passive is bad. It's especially obvious in pvp. Targets spend very little time below 30%. Healers naturally target those to keep them alive. Abilities like Enure, Adrenaline Rush, Focused Defense are used at around that health percentage. A burst execute might help in those situations, but dot pressure won't.
Furthermore, if you see a target low on hp you don't want to use dots. You want to use frontloaded damage to kill them asap. If you use dots, much of their damage will be wasted if the target dies.
That last fact also carries over to pve. Both world pve and raid boss adds will often die before dots fully tick, so it's not worh using them.
Best use is usually on raid bosses in burn phases. I would argue that often pushing to burn phase is as demanding as the burn phase itself. Also, with many bosses "dying" at 10% the executes' effect is diminished (not only sage/sorc suffers from this). In Gods from the Machine operation some adds have to be pushed to 50% or 40% so executes also don't help at all. So as far as I'm concerned, I would prefer the execute talent be replaced by something else and to redistribute the damage buff to the overall damage of the dots. If anything, execute should be on Force Serenity, but looking at the history of dev changes and their class philosophy it doesn't look like we can expect any changes in this department anyway.
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10.11.2019 , 12:37 AM | #27

They have performed like dog crap for long enough, its their time to shine again. Sick of this Merc fest its been going on for far too long.

Give us longer then 5 months this time too, k. thx.

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10.11.2019 , 04:33 AM | #28
RIP Madness sorc and Hatred sin. Source: PvP experience on PTS