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So Bored now

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05.01.2017 , 02:12 AM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by VixenRawR View Post
Well you could tie rope around your feet and attach it to 10, 1 gallon jugs of water and run up and down your driveway to simulate being netted 5 times in a row by a merc.

That or put on a parka, go into 4 feet of water and try to run around to simulate being inside Plasma probes. Yay! RL FUN!

Sadly we can't replicate any heal to fulls in life as rest usually just makes you want more rest so it's the opposite. -.-

You could go piss off a traffic cop and see how well your saber reflect is but I don't you will be able to break CC when you get handcuffed. No white bar in RL, but you will find gray bars in Jail. =)

You could climb a mountain, set up a ton of lightning rods, stand in the middle and wait for a thunderstorm..may not be the force storm experience you wanted as a sorc...but it could work. Maybe.

Get on one of those uh rides with the bungee things that launch you in the air....just unstrap yourself and bam...holotraverse!

Or do a somersault into quicksand and replicate operative roll bug.

Course all of these assume you'd actually venture outside your house. Let's think of more realistic indoor activities...

How about....

Well hope your internet starts working soon. =(
This whole post is signature-worthy. I can't breathe LMAO.