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SWTOR easter eggs

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01.14.2019 , 10:43 AM | #51
I'm really surprised that nobody's mentioned the one in the Jedi Consular class missions on Taris.

Step objective: Open The Blast Doors

Unlike the stormtroopers on the Death Star, however, the Consular is *quite* able to open the blast doors, but in a way that *nobody* will ever be able to close them afterwards.
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.
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01.14.2019 , 02:24 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
I found a few more references to Indian mythology :

Rishi :
Juggernaut & Jagganath :

Ashoka , not to be confused with Ahsoka from The Clone Wars (note the switched letters "s" and "h" ) :
Shaak Ti is a character from AORC, The Clone Wars, and ROTS :

Veeroa Denz , the name often reminds me of the Varroa mite :

The Counselor story on Coruscant has one "member" of the Noeticon called "Nomi Da'Boda".
This character was very likely meant to be Nomi Sunrider, of which apparingly the name cannot be used within games :

Vima da Boda, an female heir of her, lives during the times of the comic series The Dark Empire, which is considered as Legend right now.

Coruscant has a few more interesting persons :

- Dooce Everton - linking to both the soccer/football team of FC Everton , and to the Pinkerton detectives firm
- Lobacc is someone in a tavern on Coruscant, linking towards the only, and of course non-canon (George Lucas didn't want that) Wookie Jedi : Tyvocca (of the time just before TPM) and Lowbacca, from the Young Jedi Knights story line.
- Fez Burba looks a bit like someone from the Cantina on Tatooine Luke visited so much later :
- of Ozurist ( I often think "he is an ozurist !" ) I could only find an entry on the name of Ozur Toti : , but he could also be just a tourist.

Fideltin Rusk is a bit difficult to decipher. "tin" means ... well.. tin
and "fidelis" means "true, faithful", if I interpreted it correctly.
And "Rusk" sounds too much like "rust" for me to ignore it.
So, I interpret his name as "true, faithful, rusty tin".

Master Gnost-Dural seems to be a similar thing : Several words fused together.
The Greek word "gnosis" seems to mean "knowledge", but I don't know the Greek language, so I#m not sure about that.
"Duro" [male] / "dura" [female] are, however, word I know from the Spanish language. There actually exist an area in Spain called Extremadura.
So, now you know where the name of the Duros species comes from.
I therefore interpret "Master Gnost-Dural" as "Master of the hard facts" / "Master of the hard knowledge".

Chancellor Janarus - that's obvious, January is in there, but also Janus :
Darth Jadus - another obvious case : There are the words "jaded" and "Jade", the gemstone, in it