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Stronghold Decoration Suggestions

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

iprice's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:26 AM | #21
BOth of your suggestions were great (blood pool & starforge) i would like to see a firaxan shark mounted like a bass think it would be sweet. Large galaxy maps like a star map or the ones on your ship id like one in the center of my house or war room to plot my evil plans. Operation dummies that your companion holos can interact with like pretending like they are fighting it or allow comp holos to battle each other maybe even using the stats they really have in which the holo can be destroyed (temporarily of course) operation dummies that have "skins" to look like various bosses such as kephess of terror from beyond on smaller scales of course but would be fun to fight those instead of the plain ops dummy. Creatures that you have aqcuired the bestiary for holo replicas probably or just mounted heads of the creatures would be cool as well.

BobbyQuarrier's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:32 AM | #22
How about the statues in the Dromund Kaas spaceport? I'm pretty sure they are meant to be the emperor, though any large Sithy, Jedi or Rakatan statues would be awesome.

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07.16.2014 , 10:36 AM | #23
Small cage with Boo and/or space hamster!
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LadyAdmiral's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:40 AM | #24
I know you addressed it one of the livestreams to use companions as a makeshift, but as other posters above have said I'd like mannequins who can wear my custom armor sets!
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saiyanjedidmv's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:41 AM | #25
that star forge idea you mentioned bioware is a good idea make that into a decoration or something
how about a statue representing the dread masters?
a model of the players ship would be nice
a rancor or even a marsh raptor skeleton would be cool
well that's all I got for now, what do you think?
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SnickerJew's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:45 AM | #26
Thor's Hammer.

ThomasCool's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:46 AM | #27
This might seem stupid but i think it would be great if you attached stronghold stuff to weeklies in general. You could have (green?) tokens on daily weeklies (S-X, BH, CZ, Oricon and so forth). Better (blue?) tokens could also come from ops weeklies and maybe some purple tokens from final boss kills.

Just my 2c.
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Djstingable's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:48 AM | #28
Here's a list, bolded things I really want:
-Makeb balloon flowers.
-Darvannis Palm trees
-Framed moments from class story or something to put on pictures (perhaps screenshots? or concept art?)
-The crazy sorta detective wall of connections from the final rooms of the shrouds' lieutenant's bases.
-Darth Marr Holostatue. Might add rest of dark council as well for a nice holo-meeting room?
-Some sort of (imperial agent spoilers):

-Bean-bag chairs.
-Hanging chairs from ceiling.
-Dark Honor Guard, Temple Guard.
-Kitchen looking decorations.
-Belsavis prison containment cells.. for fun.
-Casino tables/slot machines.
-Stuffed animal tauntauns/other animals
-Revanite shrine.

-Weapon display cases.
-Cages for pets/animal mounts/bad people.
-Strobe lights.
-Improved Male Dancers. (loincloths - *winkity wink wink*)
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Railbourne's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:48 AM | #29
-Blood pool idea was top notch
-Various beast skeletons/bones to scale (i.e. Kell Dragon from the Dune Sea)
-Magnetic Grapple hook (because why not, would aid in a giant game of "the floor is lava")
-Lava flooring/pool
-Acid flooring/pool
-Akbar "It's a Trap" posters / life sized cutouts
-Aquariums with exotic creatures
-Rancor in a cage for a large hook
-Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads
-Scale models of the Jedi Temple / Sith Academy
-One of these Stasis Chambers

paddysplat's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 10:49 AM | #30
Lots of people want mannequins it about the movie 'Mannequin' on a giant plasma TV?