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Can We Please Get This Mask?

arunav's Avatar

02.22.2019 , 02:10 AM | #1
It is one of the few in the game that works really well on Jedi and Sith, the former of which don't have many options for masks.

For reasons that are unclear, it wasn't released with the Ardent Oracle set, which used the same helmet as the Bounty Hunter "Revanite" set on the CM.

I think players would also be interested in the other Revanite/Dark Reaver models that weren't released on the CM, Knight and Agent models.

If you want to focus on new designs for packs and whatnot, can we at least get a way to earn these sets in the game? Legacy versions or something that unlocks in collections? It wasn't possible to get the sets on characters made after 3.x ended, and the gear is really some of the nicest endgame stuff SWTOR ever released.

More than anything else, though, I'd just like access to the mask that is linked. It looks so great on my Shadow and Assassin, and I'd like to use it on other Jedi characters, and am sure others would too. Sith have many options that don't look out of place, but masks for Jedi that actually match Jedi armors are few.
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