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Narshadaa Nightlife Event Feedback

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Narshadaa Nightlife Event Feedback
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Today , 02:48 AM | #21
I've spent some time messing around with the event and the new quests.

The quests are a welcome addition to an event that has never been particularly engaging. It's nice that folks who want to do more than burn credits and click get do some basic questing and have their time rewarded with some free plays.

Let me echo the comments that new additions sold by the Golden Certificate vendors are less than impressive. Golden certs are going to be prize most of us come away with, so please, please, let there be rewards worth saving up for that aren't a slightly different version of decorations that were recently added to game elsewhere. I get that you want the vendor prizes to be low effort, but at least give us something that isn't already available. This list from Tor-decorating is chock full of possible decorations based on existing assets. Armor-wise, you could also dust off, rename and recolor any of the old PVP or ops sets that are no longer accesible in game. I don't know how difficult companion customizations are to implement, but there are still many companions who are not covered by the options available on these vendors. And finally new color crystal and dye recipes are always welcome.

I think you should want Golden Certificates to feel like prizes. Without anything new and fun to spend them on, they will feel like quite the opposite.

Lastly, I happened to notice that the duration of the dance action from the Dance Floor decoration has been slashed to 6 seconds. I assume it is using the same trigger or action as the version in the casino that is now a quest objective. Reducing the duration of the decoration by 90% utterly ruins the fun factor of the decoration. I hope you can find a way to reverse that change.