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6.0 Augment Performance

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11.08.2019 , 09:16 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by carolcousen View Post
So, the reason I can't find a 286 augment mats list is because very few people have it and those that do aren't sharing (for obvious reasons, they are going for +-35mil on the gtn)? XD
Or most likely your google skills are a bit lacking, there are screenshots on sevreal discords and websites, I wouldn't say that the schematics are that rare either, maybe during the first few days of 6.0 but at this point nah.

Here are the mats for Synthweaving, just swap out the Synth mats for Arms/Armor and you know the things.
3xArtifact Syntex Synth Bonded Cloth, 5xPrototype Lustrous Synth Bonded Attachment, 5xLegendary Ember, 5xSolid Resource Matrix & 10xProcessed Isotope Stabilizer

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