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Rotation for the IO Merc 5.8 (Scaeva)

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Rotation for the IO Merc 5.8 (Scaeva)

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04.06.2018 , 02:10 AM | #21
I get the same success rates in PVP matches and raids, there is no difference. There the reset of the Mag Shots only fails if I clip Unload or my Death of Above (PVP) gets interrupted.

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04.06.2018 , 02:01 PM | #22
If I wait long enough for a proc to be ready again, I have a success rate of 100%, too. But no decent rotation. :/

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04.06.2018 , 02:39 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by salaciousc View Post
I get the same success rates in PVP matches and raids, there is no difference. There the reset of the Mag Shots only fails if I clip Unload or my Death of Above (PVP) gets interrupted.
Okay, let's see some Ops boss parses then.
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04.07.2018 , 09:27 AM | #24
After reading this new approach I wondered, wheter this works for other classes aswell. So I decided to rework the rotation of my ap-pt. I'm now doing: Mag-blast -> Railshot -> wait 2 gcd's -> Mag-blast -> Railshot ... and so on. Works great, if I mess up and use MB too early I simply do another one. This way I get the proc 100% of the time.

And there are lots of upsides to this:
1. I have no heat management whatsoever and don't need to use puny rapidshots.
2. Since I only use 2 buttons, I can eat dinner while raiding, which is very time efficient.
3. Since I have to wait about 50% of the time, I have enough time to look around and see what the others are doing, so I can then criticize their rotations -> everybody wins

Think, I'm gonna try my luck with more specs now.
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07.01.2018 , 04:32 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by salaciousc View Post
Rotation for the IO Merc


Scaeva, Darth Malgus

Edit 1: Republic version added
F*ck it. I'm just coming back with a previously maxed out character. You gave graphical and textual explanations. Your work helped me, greatly. Thanks, man
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07.23.2018 , 10:42 PM | #26
I mean, I don't follow Gordon Ramsay's recipe for scrambled eggs completely. Granted I ain't no Michelin star chef but whatevs. I'm cute!
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09.22.2018 , 06:10 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by salaciousc View Post
Latencies are always there, no matter if you use a rotation of 9 or 10 GCDs. They cannot be avoided or actively influenced.

In PVP matches and raids the 9 GCDs of attacks plus those latencies allow to activate the Innovative Particle Accelerator very reliably, there is no need for an additional 10th attack. As a side effect he energy management is not a big issue.

A rotation of 10 GCDs does NOT last exactly 15 seconds (with an alacrity=0), the delay from latencies will usually add more than 1.5 seconds per iteration.
The 11 GCDs (=10 GCDs from attacks + latencies) will delay the Innovative Particle Accelerator (-> this causes energy problems). The additional 10th attack is in most cases a weak Quickshot (that also increases your heat level) or a Rapid Shot.
This is not what I want.

There may be gamers out there who think that latencies are neglectable and nonsense, but for this and some other classes its simply not correct. I recommend to have a look at your own latencies:
Run your 10 GCD rotation, the duration of one iteration is supposed to be 15 seconds (alacrity=0). The burning effect of the Incendiary Missile also lasts 15 seconds, in theory that dot should be refreshed immediately after its end.
In reality there is a gap between the end of the dot and the next Incendiary Missile.
That gap represents your personal latencies, the deviation from the optimal 15s timer.
(In Starparse activate the marker of the burning effect of Incendiary Missile, option group effects)

That gap is much smaller if only 9 attacks are used instead of 10.
I'm not 100% sure but, I believe the issue you describe is more or less what I've been experiencing. I personally blame Mag Shot for the delay in ANY variation of IO's openers/rotations.

I personally find Mag Shot animation unnecessary and the cause of some unnecessary delay. If you wouldn't mind taking the time to read over my thread and let me know if what you're talking about and the issue I'm experiencing are one in the same.

I'm glad I read this thread even if the OP didn't provide me with the solution I was seeking.

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09.22.2018 , 06:14 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by salaciousc View Post
I get the same success rates in PVP matches and raids, there is no difference. There the reset of the Mag Shots only fails if I clip Unload or my Death of Above (PVP) gets interrupted.
Unload shouldn't ever clip or cause Mag Shot or fail. Mag Shot is suppose to be IO's hardest hitting ability and the main dps ability by which we do damage.

For it to "clip" or "bug out" is something that needs to be fixed.

My solution to this can be found here:

Please offer your support as something needs to be done to fix this terrible animation clipping.

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09.22.2018 , 06:21 AM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
Sounds like you have serious server lag issues? In 3 years of playing the game I have never based my rotation on latencies... And I have never seen anyone else do it either. My ping is 60-90ms most of the time and I can normally perform my full rotations in fights. Lag never breaks them, only mechanics of the fight do. Even when I played Carnage (not anymore, thx Bioware) I had no troubles following the dummy rotation as much as possible in real fights. When playing specs with lower APM (like IO by the way) It's much easier to play them optimally in real fights, so there are even less reasons accounting for latencies...

Your rotation only makes "some" sense if you personally have consistent server lag... But in no way it is gonna work as a general rotation for everyone. And if you are seriously saying that your rotation is fine even for target dummy... You don't mention Rapid Shots anywhere. I am very interested to see how you will still have energy left after like 2 minutes of this rotation... (or even less)

Edit: Okay, I noticed a part about Rapid Shots - you called them Quick shots which confused me. Again, show us a parse cause there is no way you can complete a 2.5 mil dummy with this rotation of yours.
I gotta admit this one made me chuckle a little bit. You're saying it's because he lags or has slower internet and your ping is nearly identical to his.

I've got a ping average between 17 to 22 and I am affected by a similar issue. So if I am to believe that slower connections are to blame than I should be experiencing this issue far less than either you or the OP but, I'm willing to bet that no matter what a players ping is at they will still inevitably experience some delays with IO's abilities.

The flow between IO's abilities lacks some crucial synergy b/c of the out of place animation that is Mag Shot. The delay in question comes from the extra seconds it sometimes takes to fire Mag Shot.

If you have more questions in regards to what I mean please read my thread found here:

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09.22.2018 , 06:32 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
If with your rotation you actually expect to fail Mag Shot reset that already should tell you that your rotation is not optimal. Check top parses on, do you see them failing the resets?

And again, show us some proof that you are good. You can't just come in and teach people. Who are you? Do you have a parse to prove you can get good DPS? Are you a Nim raider who cleared many fights with this rotation?
Parsely isn't a good metric to measure how IO will do in PvP. A lot of the top parses almost always lead off with a hard cast Serrated Shot. In PvP trying to hard cast anything let alone your very 1st ability on someone targeted on you will almost always be interrupted. Instantly killing your dps from the start and leaving you scrambling to recover.

If the scenerios in question revolve around just PvE and OPs Bosses than ya sure those top parses are best to go by but, I do more PvP than PvE and it's never optimal to use the top parses in PvP in my experience.

Mag Shot will fail and I've had it fail multiple times the way I run it in PvP. The animation is entirely to blame for any sort of delay or hiccup with any variation of IO's abilities and openers/rotations.