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Recruitment for And Slackers(Imperial - The Red Eclipse)

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Recruitment for And Slackers(Imperial - The Red Eclipse)

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05.23.2017 , 03:19 AM | #1

First of all I am Max of TRE and originally come from Prog and currently am in charge of <And Slacker> on imp side The Red Eclipse. I am currently looking for skilled players that are willing to do Hard mode but mainly Nightmare/Master mode runs. I am looking for experienced players that are willing to spend 3/4 days of the week raiding.

Right now I have the epic Dilemma of missing tanks/heals and sign ups for the past few weeks have been bad. So I calling out to the community for those who do not have a guild at the moment seeking one. I am in need of healers or tanks. DPS are welcome BUT I am seeking Damage dealers that have knowledge of their class fully and can improvise mid-fight. Actually I want all players that sign up to have these qualities .

So if this post interests you please check out our site @ From there I will put you on trial runs and see if you are worthy. Or Message me in game My characters Name is "Baby Maxx".