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How can i permanently remove my credit cards from swtor?

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How can i permanently remove my credit cards from swtor?

Zharisnowlax's Avatar

01.12.2018 , 03:56 PM | #1
So i've just bought something from the cartel market and after i removed my credit card from that site,but i noticed that on the purchase in game i could see my credit card still where so i wondered if anyone knew how i could remove it too?

Sorry about my bad english-

Iveida's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 12:23 PM | #2
Maybe you need just to wait for some time or relog to SW:ToR.
Don't really know.
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tuulem's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 01:48 PM | #3
To delete your credit cards permanently, log into your account on the website and go to My SWTOR. On the left side, click on Subscription, then 'Change billing method'. This will open up a new page that shows all cards that you've used to pay for cartel coins and/or subscriptions. Click on the little X next to any cards that you want to delete. Bear in mind, that this may also cancel any subs you currently have.

If you have a sub and you've used the same card to buy coins, but you want to continue with your sub, you can turn off the in-game purchasing by selecting Cartel Coins (again, it's in My SWTOR here on the website.) and the click the button labelled 'Change payment method'. You can then click on the radio button marked 'I do not wish to enable in-game purchases'.