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*Recruiting* - casual pvp/pve Guild(s) from early BETA looking to rebuild ASAP...

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*Recruiting* - casual pvp/pve Guild(s) from early BETA looking to rebuild ASAP...

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Yesterday , 08:36 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by Hallidorz View Post
Hi, I'm interested in joining your guild and have sent you a PM

Quote: Originally Posted by jedimasterplea View Post
Hey there! So, I'm a bit of a returning player. I've been really lax with the game (only playing a couple of hours every 4-5 months) and have decided to kick off back in full gear.

I'm currently going with a Bounty Hunter (Mercenary Sub-Class) and am looking for a guild. I was in the process of helping to build a Mandalorian Guild...but was removed for reasons un-known. I've got several Lvl 70 Characters (on two different servers, Malgus, and Satele Shan) who have completed the whole shebang, Flashpoints, Heroics, DLC, etc. But I've never found an active guild that I could stick do. They all died off. I was hoping I could join my Bounty-Hunter (Nelcha Anderas) up with your Imperial Guild.

I'm not looking to grind the same FP's and Ops day-in and day-out, I'm a Legendary Player who's just looking to come back and experience the Guilded / Grouped side of SWTOR. - Nelcha / Jedimasterplea

Glad we finally connected in-game and got you both invited to our guild(s) !

Let me know if you ever need anything (in-game MAIL is best yep)

regards, Neestar (republic side) and Neevil (imperial side)
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