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The Greatest Showman ...(or I like to think so)...

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Commando / Mercenary
The Greatest Showman ...(or I like to think so)...

Deadpoole's Avatar

07.15.2018 , 11:48 AM | #1
Subscriber since day one (only started gaming online a year 1/2 ago before its release) and experienced the ups & downs playing and I wonder to myself why other game developers could do a bang-up job with respect to war zones ...then there is BioWare. I searched through the forum archives since the "re-skinned Civil War" aka Yavin Ruins and nowhere did I see that another arena was needed. What confuses me is that I read & see their Twicth videos that they are listening; listening to who I always ask myself. I just wish they could listen (well really read) to me.

When I started I was putting mad hours into this was fun...the graphics & story line were & still are amazing. The vast class structures made it so I can literally escape reality and be someone else ...fighting, saving, being a hero or a villain. Then there was bill of goods that I bought into by BioWare "Player vs Player". I'm sure everyone remembers the early days of Ilum and the response by BioWare was to toss it in the can. Not going to mention class balance cause everyone has had their moment in the spotlight (some longer than others) or rank cause I don't think I'm good of enough of a player to contribute. You had a base (war zones) that were enjoyable to begin with......what happened? Instead of new creative atmospheres for players to gather and challenge their skills you give us the ever-ending chapters of "re-skin" battle zones. Can you at least be honest....I know $15.99 a month isn't much but I believe I deserve some EA not supporting you guys financially? Is your team not that talented?

I believe if this game were given the money flow (if that is the case) or a capable gaming developer (if that is the case) could have...should have.... surpassed "World of Warcraft". WoW does have a rich storyline (don't think SWTOR isn't far away) but I believe that SWTOR has the better graphics & mechanics (my opinion). Look at me rambling be honest I really wasn't into the Star Wars franchise...saw the movies..was wasn't till a co-worker (avid WoW player) told me about this game....and I've never looked back....until now. You can agree or disagree what I've written its just this has been bottled up inside me for many years...If I offended anyone I sincerely apologize. I'm not a hater, crybaby, or a mean person....just want to have fun...

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07.23.2018 , 10:41 PM | #2
carry me, I'm the cutest!
Hoppin, The Cutest Mercenary <Death Smile>
Hoppinator (Merc), Hoppin (Sorc), Hopposites (Mara),
Hoptimal (Sin), Hopalicious (Jugg), Hopperative (Operative), Hoptimize (PT)

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07.25.2018 , 05:30 PM | #3
Probably are...but on a serious would definitely be the last person that needs to be carried. You're a beast on all your toons & I wish I had half your talent.