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Return of Kell Dragon Knight / Warrior Models

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Return of Kell Dragon Knight / Warrior Models

Wilgard's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 01:00 PM | #1
I would very much like to see a return of these two armor set models, as the other six Kell Dragon sets made a return with update 6.0: Onslaught.

The only method of obtaining anything similar to these original sets is the underworld, bound-to-legacy reskins available from heroic crates. However, these sets do not have the animated effects that these older sets have.

Seeing how all the other Kell Dragon sets have made a return, it would be nice to see these models return as well. I've a hunch that, if anything, these two models may return on the Cartel Market but I'd be happy to spend cartel coins to get my hands on them.
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