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Any changes to the Dye Mechanic in the future?

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Any changes to the Dye Mechanic in the future?

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01.21.2021 , 05:59 AM | #1
Now I know one thing of what many SWTOR players like to do is to design ones armour and with different dyes, but however I feel that the system is a bit too limited and short on creation. Unlike Bioware who like to cheat the system of removing certain bits of a armour set to fit their characters (example being Indigo, using the rohlan helmet without the pipe, and the vile hunter belt without the front gold bits and front crotch protector. And also for Dye cases Rass ordos armour dye, I looked all over for the unique green dye as I learnt does not exist, so shame on you bioware, shame on you xD)

But to point of topic,I hope in one update they could do something about the dyes. as having dye modules just makes one feel limited upon outfit designing, and especially the chest piece as template with only six dye match slots, and only can dye with dye mods of certain types.

So I have 2 ideas of how dying and armour designing can improve

option 1) increase dye match slots to twelve, as said we have 6 match dye slots, for both primary and secondary dye, but lets say for example I'm using a chest piece thats a primary green and secondary gray dye, now lets say I want my whole armour primary dye to match all, but however I don't want my second gray dye to match the rest (which i know you'll say use another green dye) well not all green dyes are same, say I'm using dark green and only available greens are deep greens. so then for rest of the armours I could use a different secondary dye while the primary dye remains matching.

Option 2) Colour palate, which means yes it would lead to uninstall dye modules from the game, but having a colour palate will give players many ways to design their outfits, mmo's like DC online for example use a colour palate.

Anyways thats my thoughts of ideas, but would like to hear of what you all think?