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Iokath, GotM Tyth and A&E

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08.02.2017 , 07:37 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Threjyan View Post
its worse then crack old content
I mean at the moment im fine. I was in 2 guilds that were proggressing on Tyth, before I had to stop raiding due to kids (its summer holidays and they go to sleep very late). We killed the boss after a few weeks with both guilds with one being a bit less Pro than the other, but we did manage it.

Now I will probably pick up raiding again on the new boss (bosses) and have stuff to do again! So there is more than enough to do raidwise, unless ofc you are in a very very active guild that raids like 5 times a week. That way yes, you kill the new stuff quickly and then have to go back to old things.

I was always used to the fact that people were coming and going. You killed all NiM bosses then ppl left, we got new recruits and did old ops for practise and gear etc. There was always something to do and a reason to go for old content again (not to mention sales runs).
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08.02.2017 , 09:32 AM | #32
Speaking as a nub myself I can say there's an overall lack of everything related to "Ops training" because god help you if you ask a question in a PUG, just watch everybody clear out or make snide remarks. The remarks are nothing, it's an MP environment, everybody crawls up theirs or their cliques behinds and are holier than thou.

When I say I'm a nub I mean to both this game itself and MMOs in general btw.

Oh and of course there's the "here's satan knows how many hours of solo stuff, now try all this group stuff we've safely let you ignore for a 1000 plus hours without giving you a proper method of learning!". Oh and BW, solo Revan does not constitute Op training.

Tl;dr: New player who's spent 14000 hours wiping the floor with story trash mobs comes up against an Op boss......*** is this sorcery? Group wipes, nub gets yelled at, nub never tries Op again.

People don't want to teach and nubs either learn the hard way or never bother.
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