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Do we know when the next item reset is?

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Do we know when the next item reset is?

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02.25.2014 , 04:31 PM | #21
You can get elite gear from doing weekly even if you don't do operations.

Makeb Weekly
CZ Weekly (Requires two flashpoints-can be story or hard)

Then as others said there are hardmodes and operartions that give the weekly.

I don't have a lot of time but I have been doing the first three weekly and I have two pieces of 72 already and I know it is taking me longer but with my schedule it still works right now.
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02.25.2014 , 05:48 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Kortio View Post
I have 66's and some 69er. And no, my HP is just fine. Later Gear has much more Endurance than entry level gear. But that does not mean I can't fulfill my role properly.

edit: Working on the data chrons, but I can't do everything at once . Time is a limited resource.
My DPS/Healer characters in 66/69 un-augmented with properly weighted mods (low endurance) have around 29k HP. 30k+ HP with augments. Comms gear typically has higher endurance mods for all specs if you just buy the pieces flat out and don't swap them around. Only a few pieces that you can buy over and over have proper weights for specs, and even then only for DPS heals on mods for power. Enhancements are generally high endurance across the board. Comms gear for tanking mods is generally trash with high endurance (poor mitigation).

I would totally take a 30k HP tank with mitigation gear (such as 61/63 set bonus tokens from Pre-55 Ops runs) into any story mode over someone with a bunch of 72 comms based stuff that might have 37 to 39k HP. There are plenty of people out there that vocally support high HP instead of high mitigation, but ultimately you are more than serviceable as a tank if you have high mitigation stats other than hit points.

Moral of the story: HP is not the best of indicators, and certainly not in all instances. There's an entire thread about that elsewhere on these forums. My DPS trooper is at only 32k HP and I'm constantly pulling, THROUGH THE GUARD from a tank, against more highly geared and higher HP'd sentinels that have completed DF/DP HM (sentinels who get the melee kicker onto their threat). That's sentinels, who have specs with very good burst... So yeah...rotation matters more. Skill matters more.

Hit Points are a starting point, but if I see someone with low HP, I'm going to look at their gear in a particular way, and possibly their achievements, before deciding on them. If they've got achievements for ops completion (granted maybe from other characters but experience still counts for a lot) and if their components have the proper weights for their roles, I'll probably give them a shot. If they are endurance stacked in comms gear with little to no Ops experience, and we are doing any kind of hard mode, I'll probably kindly remove them even if they have the highest HP of any DPS/Heals on hand. For story modes, they'd probably be fine even with upside down stats. They won't parse the highest, but as long as they do more than spam their basic attack, they'll probably do enough DPS to help down 9 out of 10 SM 55 bosses.

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02.25.2014 , 06:00 PM | #23
Hopefully not any time soon.
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