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First Node Harvested After Login is Empty

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First Node Harvested After Login is Empty

CrunchyUndies's Avatar

11.21.2019 , 07:05 PM | #1
Has anyone noticed the first node on Onderon (I haven't checked other planets) that is harvested on each toon after entering the game is empty? At first I thought my companion harvests just weren't getting written to the log for the first node, but I confirmed that if I exit the game, come back in, and harvest a node directly the pop-up window with the contents is empty. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

stromin_normo's Avatar

11.22.2019 , 01:58 PM | #2
What I have noticed from harvesting alot and switching characters alot. The first node you harvest after logging in, or zoning back in from a teleport(flashpoint, stronghold return, heroic travel) shows the mats, but you dont actually gain them when you harvest.

Only on the first node thought, but still stupid as hell and broken.

edit: oh and while i was testing this, a fun little bug i found. try harvesting a node with your materials window open. prepare for spam.